What to Do With Loose Skin After Weight Loss

After having lost an excessive amount of weight, the formation of sagging skin is a very common problem that can happen often. Regardless of the strategies by which the weight loss is attained, the sagging skin is sort of irreversible. When the body is totally stretched out due to the significant weight, losing the fat underneath will only make the skin deflate.

Loose Skin After Weight Loss Photo Credit: www.reducebellyfatz.com

Loose Skin is the Unintended Result of Extreme Weight Loss
Photo Credit: www.reducebellyfatz.com

Fortunately, there are several ways to reduce sagging skin after weight loss.

Proper Exercise

Exercise regularly and add resistance and endurance training into your workout regimen to tone and firm up saggy skin. Do a bit of muscle-building workouts to make the skin flaps look tighter and a lot less saggy.

The truth may be that even if you have achieved your goal weight, there might be some changes that only workouts can give, for you to boost your satisfaction with your look. Make sure you consult a personal trainer before doing any exercise in order to avoid injury.

Right Diet

Cut down the carbs and consume protein-rich foods, since protein helps in muscle-building. Lean protein such as lean pork, chicken breast and beef develop muscle and help in tightening loose skin after weight loss. For best results, have a protein shake or bar after working out.

Moreover, fresh fruits and vegetables have great benefits for the skin. Be sure that you get the right servings daily. The vitamins and antioxidants in these bring you closer to optimal health and wellness. By consuming these foods, it is likely that you’ll continue to get rid of body fat, which most of the time reduce the appearance of sagging skin.

Skin Nourishment

Firming creams and lotions not just help reduce loose skin; they also hydrate and improve skin’s suppleness. Use these products in your problem spots twice a day. Opt for products that have essential ingredients such as cocoa butter, collagen, shea butter, and that have vitamins A, C, E and D.

Cosmetic Surgery

Oftentimes healthy diet, exercise, as well as skin regimen are not enough, especially if you have shed a significant amount of weight. And seeking the help of a cosmetic surgeon is the only way to remove loose skin for good. Cosmetic surgery procedures such as body lift can get rid of excess, hideous-looking sagging skin after weight loss. Think of this option if you really want to get rid of excess skin permanently on your neck, arms, abdomen, waist, legs and any other parts of your body.

On the other hand, after losing a lot of weight, it takes a longer time for your skin to re-form to a smaller figure with less fat. Check out this article published by timesunuion.com.

After Weight Loss, Skin Remains

While someone who loses 100 pounds or more achieves the goals they worked toward — newfound freedom and health — loose skin is the unintended result of extreme weight loss. And unlike on TV, when a surgeon agrees to remove the skin and there is no discussion of the cost, most people with loose skin have few options.

While our skin is a remarkably elastic organ, it can be hard for it to return into its original form after an excessive weight loss. If you have trouble with sagging skin, simply follow the tips stated above to get rid of saggy skin, and enjoy your weight loss success.

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