Everybody has discovered how easy it is to shed weight with the Atkins Diet. There’s been a lot of debate regarding the ability to shed weight if you stick to this diet plan.

First of all, we have to know a little about the Atkins Diet and just how it allows you to slim down. The first fourteen days on the diet is known as the induction period. This is to kick start your body to burn off fats. As you lower your carbohydrate intake, the body uses fat because of its fuel and makes you slim down. You may select from a variety of foods throughout the induction phase of the diet. You may eat shellfish, fowl, fish, eggs and meat.

The Atkins Diet Diagram Photo Credit: students.uwyo.edu

The Atkins Diet Diagram
Photo Credit: students.uwyo.edu

You should not consume over 20 grams each day of carbs throughout your one week induction period. No bread, grains, pasta, fruit or starchy vegetables should be eaten throughout this period. You can take in three regular-sized meals each day or 5 smaller meals.

As you go into the next phase of the diet, you’ll continue to burn off and melt unwanted fat, keep charge of your appetite and can consume a variety of foods. This phase slows weight loss rate to be able to set the foundation for long-term weight loss.

The Atkins diet program for weight loss was created by Dr. Robert Atkins and is also the most popular among the low-carbs diets. He implemented the dietary plan within the 1960’s after he find out about it in the Journal of the American Medical Association, and made the decision that this is the way he’d manage his diet and had been his plan to shed weight.

The problem with this diet focuses on the cost. The diet is said to become among the five most costly weight loss programs. A lot of studies have been conducted, and some of this research supports some of the diet program’s claims, particularly for rapid weight-loss.

Individuals, who have been on the Atkins Diet, often experienced more diarrhea, rashes, weakness, as well as, muscle cramps. Moreover, the diet plan recommends you take a fiber supplement.

Here’s an article from Tribune about the Atkins diet and some celebrities who follow the diet.

Atkins Diet: The Good and The Bad

[quote style=”boxed”]Being a celebrity (or an extremely weight-conscious young woman) can sometimes lead one to go to extremes to make sure the weighing scale needle lands somewhere between 40 to 50kg. Whether it’s starving oneself, going on crash diets or lying under the knife for painful surgeries, the ultimate goal must be achieved.

While starving results in disorders like anorexia and other consequences, it’s believed that the Atkins diet is the most viable option. And why wouldn’t it be, Jennifer Aniston, Demi Moore and Catherine Zeta-Jones — who have amazing figures — have done it and are fans! And now, reality TV star Kim Kardashian has also recently jumped on the bandwagon.[/quote]

Those who are against the diet plan noticed that initial weight reduction when starting off the diet, is a typical occurrence with the majority of the diets. This is because of the decrease in saved glycogen, as well as, related water in the muscles, and not caused by fat loss. It appears that the success of the diet is that those on the diet just ate less and not due to the possible lack of carbohydrates.

Furthermore, it’s also stated that individuals who follow the Atkins diet experienced from fatigue and also bad breath. A higher-protein, low carb diet like the Atkins diet plan puts individuals in danger of cardiovascular disease.

If you choose to follow the Atkins diet, ensure you know very well what you’re engaging in and just how you are likely to maintain this new lifestyle for a long time. Do some research prior to committing to the Atkins diet or other diet program. It will make a difference between losing weight and keeping it off or undoing your effort and hard work and gaining the weight back on.

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