Blake Lively is one of the most popular female TV Stars of this generation. She made her way into the living homes of millions of teenagers and single ladies all wondering what exercises would make them have those fabulous arms and abs like hers.

No need to look further as Youtube workout sensation, Sarah Dussault put together a Blake Lively-inspired workout to help women and aspiring teens achieve flat abs and great shaped arms they so desire.


These workouts include.: Variations of the Plank exercise which is number one among popular abs workouts, variations of push ups, considered the best arm workout for years and walking lunges.

Blake Lively-Inspired Plank Exercises

The three plank exercises demonstrated by Sarah are the traditional plank, hover jacks plank and the oblique planks.

1.Traditional Plank

To do a traditional Plank, go down with both your hands flat on the ground. Straighten your elbows and extend your legs to the back while balancing on your toes.

Hold that position for 30 to 60 seconds, giving yourself rest of about 5 to 10 seconds before going back up to position.

2.Hover Jacks

Hover Jack finds you in traditional plank position except, this time, you’re going to jump and open your legs and jump back, putting your feet together. Keep your hands flat on the ground with your elbows straight all throughout the set.

Do this for 30 seconds, rest for another 5-10 before completing the rest of the minute doing the rest of your Hover Jacks.

3.Oblique Planks

To work on your obliques, from the traditional plank position, bend your knee and twist your torso slightly for your knee to touch your elbow. Do the opposite side, as well.

Planks are great at firming up the abs and keep it tight even after the workout sessions are done.

Two Push Up Exercises

According to Fitness guru, Sarah Dussault, Blake Lively’s arms have resulted from Push up variation exercises. There are two included in the Dussault’s video: Regular push ups and
Tricep push ups.

Regular push ups would have you balancing on the ground on your hands and toes. With a regular push up, your arms would be slightly apart while the Tricep pushup should have your hands closer to your armpits.

The Walking Lunge Exercise

Adding weights would be great but if you have none, it’s fine. What you really need is a personal trainer to oversee your workouts.

Walking Lunges are great for the lower body. Lift one leg , with the knee in front of you. Bring that same leg you put up down behind you, with that same knee almost touching the floor.

Continue lunging backwards, alternating the legs.

Here’s the video Sarah Dussault used in her lobby.

Sarah Dussault’s Blake Lively Exercises

So, there you go. Blake Lively-Inspired exercises that focus on your arms and your abs. You may not look like her but you can have Blake Lively’s “to-die-for” abs and arms.

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