Some of us might have heard for almost all our lives that we have to eat a healthy and well-balanced diet and exercise regularly to be as healthy as you possibly can. Even though many of us implement this to our overall health, it may also be employed on our overall mental health, too. You’d be amazed with the significant effects exercise and diet can offer you if you’re depressed. In fact, it might be what the physician prescribed to be able to help you fight depression, for good.

Research has proven that there’s a direct link between physical and mental health. Individuals who are physically healthy are most likely to be content and happy with their life if you seem like you’re frequently struggling with various emotions and do not have much sense of balance in your life, getting started with a workout regime might be the solution.

How Exercise Boost Your Mood

Exercise is an excellent way to get rid of stress, sad feelings and anger.

With regards to your emotions, feeling mentally-well is all about having a good outlook. This may mean you are feeling confident, have a great sense of purpose, feel self-assured, can cope with tough situations and usually have a great perspective, as well as, contentment with life. An individual with a great sense of wellness are likely to stay healthy, happy and strong, and build good relationships with people that are close to them.

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Exercise Makes You Happy

[quote style=”boxed”]Everyone has heard how exercise makes us happy, or at least makes us feel happy once we have finished, but do we know why exercise makes us happy?

Exercise can be like a drug — the more you do and the more benefit you get from it and the happier it makes you, the more you want to do, and so it goes on. And for a small percentage of the population exercise can become so addictive that if you do not get your daily fix or multiple daily fixes, then irritability and negativity can strike.[/quote]

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The Link Between Happiness and Exercise

Even though exercise is obviously good for your body, it has likewise been shown to help develop a great sense of mental wellness too, and even if could be hard to believe, it is a fact that exercise can certainly give you happiness!

Exercise is an excellent way to get rid of stress, sad feelings and anger. Once you exercise, your brain enables the body to release ‘feel good’ hormones.  This is often an abrupt rush of happy emotions, or it could be a general feeling of wellness in daily life.

When you’re stressed, cortisol and adrenaline hormones are ready for release in your body and brain. With no productive output, these may block the receptors in your brain that will help with addressing emotion, enhancing memory and staying calm. Whenever you exercise, such chemicals could be released to your body to make you happy.

Perks of Exercise

Exercise is beneficial for several reasons, and in regards to emotional wellness, exercise is the best remedy.

Exercise puts the body in a much less pressure, and if you exercise regularly, the body develops a much stronger immunity to coping with other demanding and stressful instances. What this means is the body is less inclined to be sensitive to situations that are stressful and may cope with them a lot better than if you haven’t exercised in any way.

Exercise also offers numerous health benefits over the advantages it could do on your mental health. Included in this are reduced risk of heart disease, improve muscle strength to avoid joint or back pain, controls your blood pressure, help prevent premature ageing, various forms of cancer, as well as, preventing early death.

To avoid numerous health problems and also to keep the mind happy and healthy, then it’s advised that you do 20 to 30 minutes of exercise about three times in a week. Be it an aerobics class, cycling or swimming or even just a simple walk, soon you’ll notice the benefits.

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