If you are the type of person who travels a lot with your car, the thing is you might not manage to carry out some activities that work out your entire body. In cases like this, you can perform some exercises inside your car. Think it is not possible? Well, it is not.

The fact is that you can do your exercise in any place, and this includes in your car. By performing some simple and easy movements in your car, you’ll be able to burn some calories. The following are some tips that can be done to exercise your body while you are inside your car.

The fact is that you can do your exercise in any place, and this includes in your car.  Photo Credit: kodjoworkout.com

You can do your exercise in any place, and this includes in your car.
Photo Credit: kodjoworkout.com

The most typical exercise that you can do in your car is isometric contractions. In order to do these, you just need to do some ‘squeeze and release’ movements. You will notice that these workouts are really easy to perform. Isometric contractions could be achieved by compressing the muscles and then release them following a couple of second once the contraction is felt.

A lot of stretching movements could be carried out in your car, many whilst driving. Stretching one arm or leg at once is rather easy and simple to do when driving. You can make use of the car’s ceiling or roof, its seat, steering wheel, console, and some others as objects for you to push or pull against whilst doing some stretching or engaging in some simple isometrics. Reaching out your arm up and back as much as you could while pushing from the roof or ceiling can be an example. Reaching the back of your car’s seat with one arm is yet another example, but make sure you have sufficient room to perform each side, one at a time, obviously.

Another exercise that can be done in your car is as simple as utilizing your shoulders and neck. This type of exercise is known as shoulder shrugs. To complete the actions, you simply raise your shoulders up. And then, you need to hold it for 8 to 10 seconds prior to lowering your shoulders back into its normal position. Do this again for several times. These workout routine will reduce the strain in your neck.

You may also perform toe curls while you’re driving, to help keep fluid from stagnating on your feet, resulting in swollen feet. Wiggle your toes or you can curl them and hold, try not to have them curled up when you are driving because you will result in a cramp.

Watch this video guide for some exercises that you can do in your car.

Exercises That You Can Do In Your Car

Those are just some of the exercises that can be done in the car. On the other hand, you need to be cautious when doing the exercises while you are driving. Be sure that the exercises won’t disrupt your concentration. When you perform these exercises properly, you will notice that your calories are burned. In the long run, you will discover that this is an enjoyable way of doing exercise that might be very advantageous for you.

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