A lot of people want to be fitter compared to what they really are. Being fit is beneficial to your health, as simple as that, but a lot of people ignore their health and fitness because of their hectic lifestyles. However with health and fitness being essential, so why do people neglect it? The truth is lots of people really don’t like to make the effort to have a run or perform an aerobic exercise class or any other fitness activities. However, a simple approach to staying healthy and fit is greatly ignored, which is brisk walking exercises. Any exercise that you can do to improve your heart rate a couple of times per week will notice your levels of fitness improve.

People walk every single day of their lives, not everyone runs or perhaps exercises. So why wouldn’t you boost the regular walking into a faster pace to ensure that your heart beats much faster. When you walk your dog or maybe walk to work or walk to the grocery stores throughout the day, then simply add a little pace into it.

Any kind of walking exercise is much better than doing nothing. Photo Credit: www.ahchealthenews.com

Any kind of walking exercise is much better than doing nothing.
Photo Credit: www.ahchealthenews.com

The perks of brisk walking are extremely apparent, and the good thing about this is it is definitely an exercise that you could easily squeeze into your day-to-day routine. You do not have to take some time to enjoy all the benefits brisk walking, when you often walk anywhere throughout the day just increase the pace just a bit and try and have a longer route instead of what you usually would.

Exercise is advantageous in a lot of ways. It’s not only great for your physical health, but also to your mental health. It will help relieve stress, making you more alert mentally and will make you feel a lot more optimistic and positive towards life in general.

The benefits of brisk walking to improve your health and fitness are extremely vast:

  • It helps combat stress
  • It safeguards you against the clutches of illnesses such as colon cancer, osteoporosis, constipation and many others.
  • It increases your life span, by keeping your fitness.
  • It can help reduce depression problem, thus helping you to gain peace of mind.
  • It alleviates back pains, as well as, functions as an excellent cure for arthritis problem.
  • It can help improve your flexibility by strengthening your bones, muscles and joints.
  • If you have problems with insomnia, then walking exercises will help you sleep much better.

Check out this article from Gretchen Reynolds of The New York Times on why brisk walking is better.

Why a Brisk Walk Is Better

[quote style=”boxed”]Walking, fast or slow, is wonderful exercise. But now a first-of-its-kind study shows that to get the most health benefits from walking, many of us need to pick up the pace.

As most of us would likely guess, walking is the most popular physical activity in America. But people who walk for exercise do so at wildly varying speeds and intensities. Some stroll at a leisurely 2 miles per hour, which is low-intensity exercise. Others zip along at twice that pace or better, resulting in a sweatier workout.[/quote]

Brisk walking may also be among the best exercises for seniors and those who are obese. When you perform more, you may increase the distance you walk and try to keep your pace much faster than your regular walking pace, this will make your heart beat faster. If brisk walking isn’t feasible for a few reasons, then you can also try slow walking. Any kind of walking exercise is much better than doing nothing.

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