Can your Xbox Kinect Exergames help you lose weight?

Many people are into Xbox Kinect Exergames for weight loss. The top two reasons why people buy it are: One, the kids will enjoy the fun games and two, mommy and daddy can use it for their regular exercise routines.

Xbox Kinect Exergames can be good supplemental workouts

Xbox Kinect Exergames can be good supplemental workouts

Xbox Kinect seem to have really taken over the fitness industry by storm with so many exergames to choose from. There’s Zumba, Pilates, Yoga, Fitness core, UFC Trainer, Fitness rush, Fitness adventure, Fitness evolved and the list goes on and on and on.

Many people really see buying Xbox Kinect as a good investment since the whole family can make good use of it. It’s also a good tool in entertaining guests and keeping kids busy and happy during parties.

But are Xbox Kinect Exergames really effective in burning those calories? When you visit online forums that discuss Xbox Kinect for Weight Loss, you’ll find that answers vary.  Some people claim that they succeeded in burning the fats while others say that they failed in their attempts.

Some of their reasons for failing are as follows:

It was easy to escape fitness sessions with Xbox Kinect Exergames

That’s true and entirely possible because an Xbox Kinect is a little machine that doesn’t carry conversations with you nor build any sort of productive relationship with you. There is no accountability and there is no real commitment going on. And though at first, it may seem like so much fun, there will always be a reason or an excuse not to do a sweat session for a day; then it happens again the next day, and the next day, so on and so forth.

She was not coordinated (according to someone who bought Zumba Fitness)

There are a variety of workouts and exercises suitable for every person and sometimes, people realize that Zumba is not for them and no one’s around to convince them to stick with it.

Since a purchase of any Kinect game is quite costly, getting another one after disliking the first purchase just might not be very appealing.

No real effort put in (according to an observer)

This is why having a Personal Trainer around is ideal. When we’re just trying to imitate what’s onscreen, sometimes we think that we’re doing it but we’re really not. It’s easy to overlook proper posture and intensity of movements when, after all, the sensor caught your movement and sounded off.

A Personal Trainer can immediately see mistakes if you are committing them and can correct you on the spot, helping you prevent or avoid an injury and directing you on how to maximize a particular workout routine.

They haven’t tried it yet

Let us put it this way: Proscrastination is the enemy of change. Getting yourself an Xbox Kinect Exergame is one thing, but getting yourself to exercise with it is another.

Here’s a sample video of an Xbox Kinect Exergame:

Having an Xbox Kinect is great. The exergames are good supplementals for in-between types of days. Can it help you lose weight? Yes, it can but  it still boils down to discipline, commitment and determination. The best way to keep at it is still having people sweating it out with you and pushing you out of your comfort zones.

Having fun while working up a sweat is the best way to lose weight. Check out our weight loss bootcamps.