Many people always search for a miracle cure when dealing with weight loss. They wish to have all of the benefits with no effort. They believe that they can get fitness in a form of a pill in a medicine bottle. With this particular mistaken form of thinking, they could be subjecting themselves to some danger. It’s always safer to lose weight the natural way through exercise and dieting. By trying to take a shortcut, chances are you’ll end up using harmful diet drugs that may do more damage than good. Many of them can even lead to poisoning and worst of all, killing you. Even if you won’t be dead, there might be harmful side effects that may cause you to become ill or make you debilitated forever.

As for these drugs, the Food and Drug Administration or FDA comes across several examples. Even before you think of taking a diet drug, it is best to look into the FDA database to find out if these drugs are safe. Even diet drugs considered safe might have an adverse effect on the body for those who have certain conditions. Over-the-counter diet drugs that you could purchase with no doctor’s prescription have to be looked at carefully. Often, these drugs aren’t as effective as they’re saying and may even jeopardize your health, so be sure you look at the information enclosed cautiously for precautionary measures.

You should keep in mind that there's no miracle pill or diet drug that may help you lose weight instantly. Photo Credit:

You should keep in mind that there’s no miracle pill or diet drug that may help you lose weight instantly.
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Moreover, there are diet drugs that work well only if you’re on a low-fat, low-calorie diet. That is definitely odd because having a low-fat low-calorie fat low-calorie diet could make you lose weight, what exactly do these diet drugs do? It begs the issue if the pills are really the cause of the weight loss or perhaps the diet plan helps you shed those excess pounds.

Prescription diet drugs are same as the over-the-counter versions, for the reason that they make you feel full and take the desire to binge, but like several drugs there are some risks and unwanted effects connected with numerous brands, so be sure you follow your doctor’s advice and tell him immediately if you experience any adverse effects.

Some of the adverse effects of taking diet drugs are high blood pressure, heart attack, hypertension, depression and psychosis. There are cases that some of these diet drugs were the cause of death of some people.

On the other hand, herbal remedies are also known to aid weight loss, but they are also considered as drugs and it should be treated with similar caution just like other medicines. Even if it is natural, it does not mean that it is much safer or also works as stated.

If you are planning on taking diet drugs, read this article first by Suzanne Koven of The New Yorker.

Diet Drugs Work: Why Won’t Doctors Prescribe Them?

[quote style=”boxed”]The inauspicious history of diet drugs no doubt contributes to doctors’ reluctance to prescribe them. In the nineteen-forties, when doctors began prescribing amphetamines for weight loss, rates of addiction soared. Then, in the nineties, fen-phen, a popular combination of fenfluramine and phentermine, was pulled from the market when patients developed serious heart defects. Current medications are much safer, but they produce only modest weight loss, in the range of about five to ten per cent, and they do have side effects.[/quote]

Diet drugs could be a useful element of a healthy weight loss program integrated properly. You should keep in mind that there’s no miracle pill or diet drug that may help you lose weight instantly. If you would like to lose weight permanently, then you have to address your weight loss program with determination and enthusiasm.

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