The endurance and fitness level of each individual varies, so what exactly one may possibly consider a tough workout might turn out to be simply light exercise for someone else. To be able to get the most from your workout, you need to know your level of fitness and customize your exercise intensity appropriately.

When talking about exercise intensity, the essential thing to bear in mind would be to ensure that you’re not overdoing your workout nor will you be under-doing it. You need to measure how the activity will feel for you, if it seems like you are doing an ample amount of effort or if it is similar to a walk around the block. You will be able to determine the intensity of your workout by the way it can make you feel and also through how your heart is beating. If your heart rate is faster, your workout is more intense.

Exercise intensity is among the most significant variables in almost any workout.

Exercise intensity is among the most significant variables in almost any workout.

For most of us, moderate to strenuous workout intensity is advised to obtain the most out of your regular workout. Which means that your exercise is have to make your heart rate up, you need to sweat, and you have to have the exertion out of your body. This may be around 150 minutes of moderate exercise split up over the week, or perhaps 75 minutes of high-intensity cardio exercise. Moderate exercise may include brisk walking, jogging or swimming. High-intensity exercise may include running or fast dancing.

It’s also wise to incorporate weight training for your routine, which improves your muscles, enhances coordination, flexibility and balance. Weight training is suggested two times per week for a couple of minutes every time, and exercises can include rock climbing, weight lifts, push-ups and lunges.

If you’re a beginner in exercising, it is alright to begin with light to moderate exercise. You can begin with brisk walking for that first couple of days or weeks of the training, progressively obtaining the speed to a more intense exercise. After that, you can proceed to a mild jog, then into a usual jog. If you feel that your pace is difficult to maintain, you can always pause to breathe in and out before beginning to pick the speed up again.

Getting an intense exercise is great for your body but you have to be careful not to overexert yourself. Going beyond what the body can bear can cause injuries. It’s also wise to be particularly careful for those who have health conditions like cardiovascular disease, obese or those who have diabetes. It is advisable to consult your physician to ensure that he is able to recommend the best exercise intensity to suit you.

Here’s an article from The New York Times on why exercise intensity matters.

For Fitness, Intensity Matters

[quote style=”boxed”]This year, exercise science expanded and fine-tuned our understanding of how physical activity affects our brains, joints, hearts, and even genes, beginning before birth and continuing throughout our lifespans, which can be lengthened, it seems, by exercise, especially if we pick up the pace.[/quote]

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Exercise intensity is among the most significant variables in almost any workout, simply because if the intensity isn’t correct, your exercise routine will not possess the intended effect. Working out at the wrong level of intensity is among the most typical mistakes we make and it needs to be prevented, if you wish to enjoy optimal results. Intensity appears just like a quite simple notion because it usually means exercise difficulty; however, intensity is a bit more complex than it first seems.

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