Everyone wants to get fit and stay healthy. We head to a gym or even try whatever sport our friend suggests sweating it out and also have a bit of physical fitness. However, no matter how hard we try in the desire of a fit body, our workout routine just won’t do for us. But still there’s hope. Have you thought about checking out your blood type first and create exercise routine according to your blood type preferences.

Proper Workout for Each Blood Type

Proper Workout for Each Blood Type

Do you know that there are exercises that benefit each blood type? According to health experts, each blood type has developed with its own fitness needs.  Here are proper exercises for each blood type:

Type O – The Athlete

For those under this type, they have to have a challenging workout program as they are typically muscular and their blood circulation is naturally slow. Recommended exercises for those under this type consist of heavy lifting or whatever that could make them do minimal bursts of maximum energy. The more strenuous the exercise the better because it will increase dopamine which relaxes type O’s and lowers adrenaline in their blood. This group also has more physical strength and must have exercise to release fears, anxieties, worries, and stress.

The ideal exercises for type O are swimming, calisthenics, jogging, bicycling and hiking. Although exercise is usually synonymous to reducing weight, there are type O’s that weigh not as much as their average. Incorporating the right diet with exercise can help them gain weight – just keep yourself hydrated and have several meals daily if you are lifting.

Type A – The Intellectual

People within this blood group function mostly on nervous energy. They have an inclination to utilize more psychological energy in their workout. The best exercises for this group are calisthenics, yoga jogging, tai chi, light swimming, gymnastics and hiking. People under this type is often more tired right after same routines as they are prone to utilize more mental energy into their activities. For this reason, they have a greater general drain.

Type B – The Well-Organized

Those that belong to this group consider exercise as an essential way to release stress and to help focus the mind. They are doing very well in sports, are competent and centered individuals but type B’s require some psychological stimulation in anything they do. To help keep them charged, it is advisable that they performed 30-minutes of cardio exercise each morning, and they can also incorporate regular swimming, jogging, yoga, tai chi, or hiking. Exercise must be done moderately considering that their bodies are somewhat charged.

Type AB – The Progressive

This is the rarest of all blood types due to the fact that less than 5% of the world’s population is under this group. People under this group react to tension rationally, which makes them respond much better to relaxing and meditative activities such as yoga.

Here’s a video of a workout routine that you can do based on your blood type.

Getting in Shape Based on Your Blood Type


Changing in order to meet the needs of the entire body should include the blood. Many of us are accustomed to the notion that staying fit meant only the physique and nothing else. There is no one-size-fits-all diet or workout program since it does not include the most vital part of the body and that is our blood.

Health and fitness rely on healthy diet and exercise, thus, before doing anything think about what is best for your blood type. At Dangerously Fit Boot Camp, we tailor aworkout that’s suits you best. Register now and avail of our one week trial for just $1.