If you like the convenience of your own home compared to the crowd and noise at a local gym, but finds it hard to motivate yourself, exercises that you can do on your couch is probably just what you are searching for. You might not burn the calories needed to lose weight; however, you can work to define and tone your muscles and also get the body moving, all at once.

Here are some tips on how you can exercise on your couch.

Wait for advertisements and make use of them for circuit training. Every time you hit an annoying commercial break, forget about going to the fridge to grab some snack and work on a group of muscles rather. During the first commercial break, perform a set of crunches. After that, do a plank. Then next, perform tricep dips using your couch pillows/cushions. It is a fantastic way to make use of your couch, as well as, your favorite TV show in order to work out without skipping a minute.

Want to stay fit yet you are tired of going to the gym, try exercising on your couch. Photo by: www.fitsugar.com

Want to stay fit yet you are tired of going to the gym, try exercising on your couch.
Photo by: www.fitsugar.com

Include some yoga in on a lull within the action. Do a modified forward fold out of your couch to loosen up tired quads and work your core muscles. Move towards the edge of the couch and place your legs straight out before you. Keeping the back straight, fold from the hips as much as you can easily go. Hold it for 10-15 seconds and then release, repeat as desired while browsing through the channels.

Moreover, lie on your couch to get a butt exercise. To begin with, put your feet around the hard part of your couch’s armrests. Breathe in and then press down on to your heels and lift your butt from the couch, and keep your shoulders and head planted. Lift up your hips up until the body will make a straight line and then release, do it for 12-15 reps. After that, straighten out the body and lift a pointed foot. To make it more fun, you can spell a couple of words in mid-air for a calf exercise prior to releasing and then do it with the other foot.

Set up a workout game for your preferred footwear, recommends Weight Watchers. For example, you can combine a kind of exercise along with a particular character, plot point or catch phrase. Each time it is introduced perform the associated workout. You will get all the juicy information while still sneaking in an exercise.

Furthermore, come up with a goal to go to the gym the next day. Even though a couch potato exercise is a great alternative if you are catching up on some shows or perhaps too tired to do some exercises, it is most likely insufficient to satisfy the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention required workout quota for at least 30 minutes or half an hour of cardio, 5 times a week and 2 – 3 resistance training sessions as week essential to maintain your healthy body. Turn on your digital recording device and record your favorites or the next time use the treadmill while watching a much better workout.

Press play the video for some workout tips while on your couch.

How to Effectively Exercise on Your Couch

Keep in mind that you can find some time to exercise even when it’s when you’re at the couch. Within the advertisements, you can get a good workout where it can help improve your health and reduce your waistline. Set health and fitness being a priority so that you can achieve your primary goal!

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