Imagine this: You’ve been preparing for this big event for months. You’ve got your dress with shoes and that cute hand bag to match. You’ve decided that a pair of studs and a bracelet would be enough bling to make you red carpet-ready. You’ve been eating right and consistently doing the exercises to keep your figure svelte.

Liz’s Armpit Fat Exercises

The hard work has paid off. Your legs look lean and long, your abs are flat and tight and your arms are like Madonna’s. You feel ready. You put on your clothes and have your hair and makeup done. Then, you face the mirror just to give yourself one final inspection.

Your jaw drops open in horror. Everything would’ve been perfect! Everything…except for that pair of sagging skin right between your arm and your chest. It’s the armpit fat nightmare!

The Superman is one of the exercises that build muscles in your back.

The Superman is one of the exercises that build muscles in your back.

Armpit Fat Exercises

Nobody wants to keep saggy armpits. But here’s the thing, there’s no such thing as spot reduction. There are just a few things that you can do to help better the area and if you’re one of the lucky ones, it’ll work wonders and rid of the entire thing completely.

Here are 5 workouts that may be able to help you lose the dreaded arm pit fat:

Armpit fat workouts

1.Push ups

If you can do the traditional push up position where your legs are straight and you can push your chest up with your arms without dropping your hips, that’s great. But you can also do the simplified version of doing it on knee support. The important thing is that you work out the arms and the chest.

2. Chest Press

To do a chest press, you’ll need dumbbells.

Lie flat on your back while holding the dumbbells at the side, in level with your ears.
Bring the elbows together, contracting your chest, then pull them back to the sides.

3. Plank Rows

Take the plank position, holding the dumbbells to the ground. With a slight twist of your body, pull your left arm to the side at shoulder level, then bring it back down. Do the same with the other arm.

4. The Superman

Lay down face flat on the floor, arms stretched. Lift your legs and and your chest, pulling your elbows back, contracting your back. Then, go back down.

5. Shoulder Raise

Stand straight, feet shoulder length apart. Hold the dumbbells to your side at ear level. Push your arms up, bring it back down; then, bring the elbows close together and bring it back to the side.

Here’s a video of some of these exercises:

The exercises above are focused on working out your chest, arms and back. The more muscles you build, the less fat there will be. With more muscles, the skin appears tighter and firmer. The combination of these exercises with a reasonable diet of more lean protein should be able to help you lose some of the armpit fat.

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