Should You Exercise in the Rain?

On days when rain jeopardize your plans to work out outside, consider going outdoors anyway. Doing some exercises in the rain is often both refreshing and fun. It doesn’t matter if you are going for a walk or simply practicing kicking goals, you will be able to squeeze a great workout to your day if you are cautious to stay safe and dry.

A new research shows that exercising in the rain could possibly be good for you. Based on the study conducted by Japanese researchers, 7 guys were put in climatic chambers, which replicate weather conditions and had them run in rain-like weather conditions against no rain for 30 minutes, monitoring their breathing, oxygen consumption, skin temperature, levels of stress and muscle exertion.

Needless to say, exercising outdoors when it’s raining must come with some precautions. It is definitely not essentially dangerous; as a matter of fact, running in the heat could be more dangerous compared to running in the rain, of course.

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Exercising in the Rain
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With that being said, it is vital to pick the proper gear and be mindful of your surroundings. If you are running, you will need shoes that will give enough traction so that you will not slip on wet pavement. Also, if you are biking, ensure your tires are not slick.

Visibility is usually low in the rain, so be sure you can both see and be seen. If you are planning to exercise near or on a road, put on reflective clothing and consider getting in a light if you are planning to bicycle.

Furthermore, if it is both cold and raining, make sure to dress in layers, in order to protect your ears, hands, and feet. Take off your wet clothes once you return home to quickly return your body temperature to normal and to keep away from skin problems.

Here’s an article on The Times of India about exercising in the rain,

Exercise is not a weather-controlled activity. Exercise, of all sorts should ideally be something you do on a regular basis, and is not going to get controlled by the weather, nor any equipment!

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