Lots of individuals are skeptical on the efficiency of medicine ball workouts. It is indeed somewhat hard to believe that a heavy ball will help you get fit and shape up. As a matter of fact, some individuals think it is realistic.

Though, there’s scientific evidence that states making use of medicine balls while exercising is not just effective, but offers a full body workout, as well. In addition, making use of these balls also allows you to be creative and perform several routines!

One of the many purposes of medicine ball workouts is to include it in your training routine- combining good strength training using the medicine ball along with effective calisthenics training just by using your own body weight.

Here are some good reasons to use the medicine ball in your workout routine:

You can add more variety to your workout because of the countless kinds of exercises that you can do using them. You can bounce them, toss them, roll them, and perform lots of conventional free weight exercises with them. With the variety they offer, it’s difficult to get bored with their use and individuals of all levels of fitness from novice to athlete may use them.

Medicine Ball Workout at Boot Camp Sydney

Medicine Ball Workout at Boot Camp Sydney

Medicine balls can be a good tool for meeting new people as there are loads of workouts you can perform with the ball, which work well with two or even more people. You can toss it to each other, roll it, bounce it back and forth, and you can also hand it with each other.

Some medicine ball workouts are best for engaging your core as well as your midsection muscles that are involved once you toss, bounce, roll or maybe catch it. There are also several moves included while making use of the ball such as a front to back moves or side to side movement to catch it. Standing and turning sideways while holding the ball is good for your midriff, as well.

If you are searching for ways to boost your performance in a certain activity or sport, the medicine ball can help, too. Bouncing and tossing it to and fro with a partner will help enhance eye-hand coordination. Moreover, tossing the ball boosts strength for things such as tennis and golf swings, throwing a football or baseball, as well as swimming strokes. Rolling it can help enhance strength for your underhand softball pitching or bowling game.

Watch the video for these three must-try medicine ball workouts:

Medicine Ball Workouts Watch Video Here

Making use of the medicine ball is an excellent way to put a bit of something different to your usual workout routine. You can perform some things with it, which you probably couldn’t do with the conventional equipment you have been using, and sometimes, utilizing the medicine ball could be totally fun and playful to work with, thus making you feel young once again.

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