Wrestling Preparation Exercises

What does it take to be a Wrestling Superstar? What exercises do they do to get that built and physique? But more than the look, a wrestler also needs be strong, limber, lithe and has the stamina to perform the physical demands of the sport.

First of all, a wrestler needs to be in shape. A wrestler will not be able to perform excellently if he’s too heavy to move. Nowadays, wrestlers are slimmer, smaller and leaner than it was required of them 10 to 15 years ago. Having the perfect body cannot be done without proper workout training and the right diet.

But it doesn’t stop at that. Wrestlers have specific ring moves that they need to learn and master. It takes strength to carry an opponent and slam them down. On the other hand, you need to have a certain amount of body control to lessen the impact of the falls you take.

Wrestling Preparation Exercises

Wrestling Preparation Exercises

Wrestlers need a lot of preparation and they usually begin early . Here are 5 exercises that wrestlers commonly do to gear up for the Wrestling Season:

1. KettleBell Workout

Kettle Bells are said to be a better option than dumbbells. A 30-minute Kettle Bell workout helps strengthen the body core, most particularly the abdominal and the back muscles and will improve core stability.

2. Stair Sprints

Stair Sprinting is usually included in High Intensity Interval Training Programs. This workout is great in the development of your quads, hamstrings, glutes and calves.

3. Grip Pull Ups

If Squats work out the lower body, Grip Pull Ups is the total opposite as this concentrates on building and strenghtening your upper body – your chest, your arms, upper back and even your grip.

4. Leg Stretches

Leg Stretches condition the body for strenuous activities. They improve flexibility and your range of motion. They are usually included in the warm up and cooling down set routines.

5. Body Weight Exercises

Body Weight Exercises utilize more muscle groups than other weight lifting exercises. It’s a full body workout that also helps you achieve a more balanced physique better than gym weight lifting.

All the above workouts must be done under the supervision of a certified Personal Trainer. Dangerously fit Boot Camp Trainers are all fully equipped to execute the above exercises in our Group Personal Training Program.

Recently, Hulk Hogan held search for a new talent for TNA Impact Wrestling through a reality TV show called, TNA British Boot Camp. In the show, 4 wrestlers were mentored by veteran wrestlers and pitted against each other in different challenges. James Curtin a.k.a. Rockstar Spud emerged to be the winner.

Hulk Hogan explains why Rockstar Spud won in the British Boot Camp

“So, that’s what it was. British Boot Camp was a search by our company, Impact Wrestling, to find a specific piece of talent to help us move forward way beyond where we’re at.”

On finally deciding to go with Rockstar Spud: “Well, when you talk about the assessments and trying to find out what these people were made of and the challenges that were thrown in front of them. We were trying to find out if they had the it-factor to the core. You can teach people certain things, people can reguretate or repeat certain things. Or people can imitate, like a parrot, certain movements or certain verbage or a cadence.specific piece of talent to help us move forward way beyond where we’re at.”

“But, we were actually looking for that it-factor, in instinct in the talent, that would take us somewhere we needed to go

Click here to read more of Hulk Hogan’s interview.

Getting yourself physically fit and conditioned is certainly hard work but you can do it. You don’t have to be a Star Wrestler to exercise and enjoy the benefits of a healthy and productive lifestyle.

All you need to do is take that one step. Register for our Group Personal Training by logging on to our official website at Dangerously fit.