One of the most controversial, yet interesting news related to weight loss and obesity is the misunderstanding between American Governor Chris Christie and former White House Physician, Dr. Connie Mariano. The latter urged the governor toexercise and do something about his weight in fear that he may run the risk of a heart attack while in position.

Governor Chris Christie, clearly offended by the doctor’s statement, faced the media and pointed out that Dr. Mariano has not done any medical examination on him. He declares that his medical records show that his blood sugar and cholesterol levels reflected normal. He went on to say on The David Letterman Show that he is the “healthiest fat guy you’ve ever seen in your life.”


Could this be true? Can there be healthy obese people?

Exercise Can Make Overweight People Healthy

Two studies on the subject concluded that yes, it is indeed possible for some fat people to have lower risk of heart diseases, diabetes, hypertension and other obese-related illnesses than inactive obese people .

One study was published on the European Heart Journal in September 4, 2012 while the other study was conducted by Albert Einstein College Researchers on a group of German Adults who were most likely at risk of chronic diseases. Both studies show that the obese people who exercise regularly lowered their risk of incurring such ailments compared to other obese men and women.

According to the European Heart Journal, the risk of having a heart ailment depends on the position of the fat build up when it comes to obese people. Normal weight people who lack physical activity have the tendency to build up fat in their belly which puts them in the heart danger zone. For obese people however, it is the build up of fat in the liver that can kill them.

When they exercise, extremely overweight people lessen the chances of a fat build up in their liver.

Here’s the video of Governor Chris Christie being interviewed by David Letterman:

So, it is possible for Governor Chris Christie’s claim to be healthy despite his physical appearance. But only if he does exercise, if we base our conclusion on the studies made.

However, the governor did say that since he just turned 50, his doctor advised him to do something about his health or things might fall apart.  This may mean that he is being encouraged to exercise so he can prevent himself from getting sick along his way to future candidacy. You may be fat and healthy but eventually, exercise needs to catch up on you.

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