At Dangerously fit Bootcamp Gold Coast, expect some really high-intensity bodyweight exercises. But don’t you worry, bodyweight exercises may not all be easy to complete, but they’re usually safe and pain-free. And if you really want to shed off those excess poundage, these are considered proven and effective workouts to help you accomplish that.

Some bodyweight types of workout may be easier than the others, it’s good if there’s something available for support; ideally another person like a coach or another fitness enthusiast who knows a thing or two about correct posture.


At Dangerously fit Bootcamp Gold Coast, expect some really high-intensity bodyweight exercises.


One of the biggest mistakes made about performing bodyweight exercises is that people tend to overdo them, thinking that this would be a way to get more ripped. But that would only make your body feel sore and fatigued.

Here are some of the bodyweight exercises that you can expect to do at Bootcamp Gold Coast:

Effective Bodyweight Exercises At Bootcamp Gold Coast

1.Jump Squat

This bodyweight workout targets the legs and your core.

To perform a jump squat, stand with your legs a shoulder length apart. Lower yourself in a squat, slightly leaning forward. Make sure that your knees will not turn out. You can cross your arms in front of you to help you gather momentum; then, push yourself up in a jump.

Straighten your elbows as you go up and back to a cross in front of you as you land. Make sure that your knees are extended when you make your jump.

Do this exercise five to fifteen times.

2.Jump Lunges

10 for each side are great on the glutes and on your quadriceps. Quadriceps are the four muscles that can be found in front of your thighs.

To do a jump lunge, begin by standing with your feet slight apart. You can choose to put your hands on your hips or have them free on your sides. Jump up and land with one of your legs extended straight to the back, and with the other lunging forward. Keep your back straight but slightly leaning forward to keep your balance.

Jump up again, alternating legs.

Jump lunges strengthen the muscles on your legs and improve your coordination skills and stability.

3. Pistol Squat

Pistol Squats are a bit challenging to do, especially for beginners. It is basically a one legged-squat which needs you to perform a good balancing act.

If you’re a beginner, it would be advisable that you have something of a support for you to lightly hold on to in case you struggle with the balancing part. This workout is worth the effort as it is good for leg strength; it trains you to improve your balance and also firms up your core.

To do a pistol squat, start from a standing position. Cross your arms on your chest and tighten your core to help you with your balance. Lift your right leg, flexing your ankles and toes up as you lower on your opposite leg by bending its knee. Stay down for a good five seconds before slowly going up. 15 reps would be enough leg workout.

4. Mountain Climbers

Mountain climber is a great cardiovascular exercise that also works your abs, your upper body and your lower body.

To execute a mountain climber, go down in a plank position, with your arms in line with your shoulders, keeping your back straight while balancing on your toes.

Bend your right knee and position yourself like that of a runner at a starting position. In successive movements, bring your knees up and extend your legs alternately.

5. Push Ups

What’s a list of bodyweight exercises without the good, old and reliable push ups?

Push ups are essential in building the chest and in developing your triceps. There are many variations to this workout such as one using a medicine ball or the alternate push up which you can do to increase the intensity of your workout.

You can also do the variations on the leg positions such as feet together, feet wide apart, one leg or both balancing on a step.


Burpees are big and for a good reason, too! Burpees is a total body workout that puts together the great jump squat and the traditional push up.

To do a burpee, begin by standing straight. Go down on your hands and push both your legs to the back, assuming a push up position. Bring your chest down and push it back up with your arms. Remember to keep your back straight.

Push your legs back and jump up with your arms straight above you.

20 burpees can be enough for your workout for the day especially if you’re new to exercising. Eventually, you’ll have to increase your workouts and the intensity to accommodate the requirements of your body.

7. Bodyweight plank.

Position yourself in a pushup position or put your weight on your elbows. Either way, keep your legs straight and extended to the back. Keep your back in a line, as well. Hold your position for 30 seconds.

Burpees, planks and mountain climbers are definitely taking part in our Bootcamp Gold Coast workouts. But there will be more. The goal is to get our members trim, healthy and happy with the results.

Struggling with your weight for far too long? Register with Dangerously fit Bootcamp Gold Coast and get amazing results. We’ll teach you how to make it last, too! What are you waiting for? Let’s go!