Step ups are another excellent exercise for developing single leg strength and stability. Unilateral movements such as step-ups target both sides of the body equally helping to correct any muscle imbalances. Use a lower box to target the quads and a higher box for more glute and hamstring activation.

Teaching Points
1. Hold the sandbag in your preferred grip.
2. Maintain a neutral spine, tall posture and fix your eyes straight ahead.
3. Place your heel on the box with your leading leg at a 90-degree angle or less (use a smaller box for beginners).
4. Drive down through the heel, squeeze the gluteal muscles and hold the position at the top of the movement (people lacking stability can step onto the box at the top to maintain control).
5. Keeping your leading foot placed on the box, slowly lower the back leg to the starting position.

Common Problems & Solutions
Error: Leading knee is out of alignment.
Correction: The knee should track the 2nd and 3rd toes.
Error: Driving with the back leg.
Correction: All the power should be generated with the leading leg.
Error: Knee passes the toes.
Correction: Ensure your knee doesn’t pass over your toes.