bondi-kettlebell-trainingWhat do I do on the day’s I don’t feel like training?

I do it anyway!

Like most people some days I just don’t feel motivated to train.

I might feel tired, low on energy or just not in the mood… so what do I say to myself on those days to force myself to do it?

How do I turn off that inner voice telling me to ‘take the day off’?

Here’s what I do… I trick my brain.

I tell myself I’m just gonna have an ‘easy’ workout and treat it like a practice session to work on technique.

You see… getting to the gym, beach or park or wherever it is I’m training is 80% of the battle.

Your brains job is to protect you from pain and to keep you alive.

By telling myself it’s going to be an ‘easy workout’ I’m silencing my inner voice so my brain has nothing to fear.

And, once I get to the gym and do the first few warm-up sets the blood starts to flow… I get an endorphin hit and I’m fired up for the workout.

The hard work is now done, I’m in the mood to train and I never feel like having an easy workout… in fact, I normally have to force myself to stop training once my 45-minutes are up.

This is what creates discipline, doing the things that you know you need to do when you don’t feel like doing them.

Do this often enough and soon it’ll be harder to ‘take a day off’ than to just ‘do it anyway’.

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Yours in health

Dan Clay
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