A lot of people believe that in order to lose weight fast, you have to work out on an empty stomach. But that is not healthy. Aside from the fact that you should not exercise on an empty stomach, it is essential to know what you should eat prior to exercise. Moreover, you should also think of what you will eat after your workout.

The primary function of food is to give energy to the body and to do some exercise, you have to have energy. Therefore, if you work out on an empty stomach, the body won’t have sufficient amount of energy to power up your workout. Because of that, you will be more tired and weaker, and not perform properly, as well.

Is Exercising on an Empty Stomach Good or Bad? Photo Credit: www.chinadaily.com.cn

Is Exercising on an Empty Stomach Good or Bad?
Photo Credit: www.chinadaily.com.cn

Once your body will not have sufficient amount of energy, and you allow it to exercise, chances are it is going to get this energy from somewhere. As you know, there are 2 main ways for it to store energy on your body – muscle and fat. They are both energy reserves for the body.

Once you exercise on an empty stomach, it main source is the stored energy in your muscles. In addition, for long bouts of workouts, the body will likely burn muscles to provide energy. Along with the muscle, it will likely make use of some fat stored energy. However, the fact that it makes use of muscle to power up your workout, it is certainly harmful to your weight loss goal. It basically works like the negative effects of crash dieting.

Another reason why it is better to eat before you work out is that eating boosts your metabolism. Thus, it helps in burning more calories and at the same time help you lose weight faster.

Here’s an account from Leta Shy of PopSugar Fitness…

Is it Bad to Exercise on an Empty Stomach?

It can be a hotly debated topic: is it better to exercise on an empty stomach, or is not eating anything at all before a workout just setting yourself up for a lackluster performance?

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Hence, if you perform any exercise, ensure that you grab some food before you do some exercise. And as always, consult your doctor first before you do any exercise or fitness program.

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