You wanted to be fit, get in shape and/or perhaps in general live a healthier way of life, or possibly you might have bought fitness equipment or possibly became a member of a gym. Therefore, why does a gym membership is becoming an added expense and also fitness equipment turns into a quiet butler, with loads of laundry hanging onto it? The truth is fitness equipment can be boring and also gym subscriptions can be quite costly (particularly if you are not using them). Why don’t you try and enjoy yourself with the numerous benefits of walking to improve your health and fitness?

Among the finest reasons for walking is it suits your day-to-day life. It’s the best exercise that can help us achieve any level of fitness. You do not need specific shoes, exercise clothes, or equipments/machines just to walk. You may opt to walk on your own, walk together with your buddies, you may also walk to your office or maybe you may walk in the stairs. All of this walking can add up, and you do not need to go out of your way just to do it.

Walking has lots of benefits to your health and fitness. Photo Credit:

Walking has lots of benefits to your health and fitness.
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It’s absolutely the most secure and natural type of exercise that you are able to do. For you to walk properly, if you want to drop some pounds, you have to switch in between intervals of slow, and then moderate and subsequently fast speeds in your walking routine. Providing you with a great cardio workout and keeping the body burn lots of calories even once you’re done walking. In case your walk would be to include strenuous and intense paces, always warm up to prevent injuries. You might question just how many calories used up while walking – an individual burns between 80-100 calories for each mile walked, in line with the pace and terrain.

If you choose to walk only to relax, never think about your walk as being an exercise per se. Make sure you slow down and allow your mind and body to loosen up. Enjoy the sounds and scenery that is around you. Remember to have fun with nature, make use of the landscape, the animals sound and also the great outdoors. In the end, it’s a wise idea just to walk in a park environment to have the most from your walk.

Here’s an article from Daily Mail on how walking can benefit you.

Walking could save 37,000 lives a year: 20 minutes’ exercise a day would ward off disease

[quote style=”boxed”]Walking for 20 minutes a day could save 37,000 people a year from dying prematurely of cancer, heart disease and stroke, according to a report.

But one in three people can barely manage to walk for 30 minutes a week – including everyday trips to the shops, work or school.

Just under half of those surveyed walk for two hours or less a week – far below Government guidelines of 150 minutes a week, or 21 minutes a day.[/quote]

Walking could be an easy way to begin a workout program or perhaps be a full program by itself. Just get moving and develop how well you are progressing. Walking is really a moderate type of exercise and could be done anytime. It has the exact benefits just like any cardiovascular exercise but without exhausting yourself a lot. It’s also a great way to spend time apart from just hanging out. So make time to walk for a much better you. As always, before you start any diet or workout program talk to your doctor to find out which suits you.

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