If you’ve spent a long time – possibly even a lifetime – looking for ways to get into shape and lose weight, then you’re in good company. Most people aren’t particularly pleased with their weight, their current fitness level, or their health. However, actually taking the weight off and getting back to a place where you’re in the pink of perfect health is much more easily said than done.

People don’t become overweight or wind up severely out of shape overnight. It’s a long, slow process that happens a little bit at a time. That said, it’s also a long, slow process getting things back to where they were. Many people simply don’t have the willpower it takes to make the lifestyle changes necessary in order to achieve success. Others don’t have the knowledge and expertise needed to actually reach their goals.

That’s why we’re hearing so much buzz these days about fitness boot camps and if you’re here via a search for a term like “what is boot camp”, then the chances are excellent that you’re one of the many whose curiosity has been appropriately stimulated.

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What Is Boot Camp?

In a nutshell, boot camp is an approach to weight loss and fitness that is no nonsense in every sense of the word. It’s for people who have reached a point where they’re ready to get serious about losing weight, getting their diet together, and getting into better health once and for all. They’re tired of failing, tired of not knowing what they’re doing, and tired of not seeing lasting results.

Programs consist of a fitness and nutrition-centric program that lasts on the average for about 4-8 weeks. Some boot camps may be shorter in duration than this, while others may be longer. The term “boot camp” comes from the resemblance many people feel these fitness programs have to a military boot camp.

Participants are pushed much harder than they would probably push themselves. This is the case despite the fact that there may be many different approaches to the same concept depending on which establishment you’re looking at.

What Kinds of Exercises Do You Do at Boot Camp?

Most boot camps involve a group dynamic. Quite a bit of the exercises done will be performed outdoors and may include calisthenics, bodyweight exercises, aerobics, strength training activities, and interval training exercises.

Many programs require participants to rise early and start the day with some rigorous exercise. You might be expected to run sprints, do interval training, do push-ups, and lots of other similar options with little time to rest allowed between activities.

Programs typically build gradually upon the difficulty level of the exercises in order to keep things challenging and to make sure participants continue to make steady progress. By the end of the eighth week of boot camp, you’ll be doing a lot more than you would have been on week one. You’ll also see startling results thanks to the rigorous nature of your training.

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The Power of the Group Dynamic

It’s a proven fact that people are social animals who always do better at a given pursuit when they’re doing it in tandem with a partner, a circle of friends, or a group of others who share the same common goal. Most fitness boot camps are going to find you working out and going through your experience with small groups of 6-10 people as a result.

Not only does pursuing your fitness goals as part of a group give you a sense of camaraderie, allowing you to forge lasting bonds and make friends, but when you work toward the same objectives as the rest of a team your chances of success increase significantly. Also, both your group members and your instructor will help to hold you accountable for your choices and for how well you follow the program. On your own, it’s far too easy to slip, become lax in your routine, and backslide.

What Are Some of the Different Types of Boot Camps?

Although all fitness programs are going to involve some sort of team dynamic for all of the reasons listed above, many facilities and establishments have begun to develop offshoot programs that cater to specific demographics. By now, there are practically as many different boot camp options as there are types of people under the sun.

This being the case, it might pay to shop around a bit and see which of those options will suit you, your sensibilities, and the goals you want to reach before making a final decision. Some of today’s specialized options will include, but are not limited to:

  • Catering toward people with standard fitness goals.
  • Cater specifically to sports enthusiasts, therefore including activities like skiing, cycling, football, running, and so forth
  • Specifically for women, for children, for couples, or for families.
  • Catering to the special needs of brides who want to get into the best shape of their lives before their wedding day.
  • Feature programs that focus extensively on weight loss and nutrition, like our 6 Week Body Challenge.

The attitude of the instructors at boot camp can vary significantly as well. Some instructors who adopt a hardcore military-style approach to the program if that’s what you’re looking for. However, most are going to shine more of a focus on encouragement, solid teaching, and assistance as opposed to out and out intimidation.

In Conclusion

So “what is boot camp” at the end of the day? It’s a chance to get into the best shape of your life and learn stellar habits that will help you maintain your new condition into the future. It’s a chance to make friends in an exciting, stimulating setting. Plus, it’s effective and completely affordable. In fact, most boot camps won’t set you back more than your average gym membership will. Give it a try today and see what a difference it can make for you!

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