Exercise does not only develop your physique; through the years, there have been studies that have proven that physical activity also develops the heart. But did you know that the heart is not the only internal organ benefiting hugely from the workouts? When we do exercises, it affects our brains in a good way.

Exercise oxygenates the brain, helping it function more effectively

Exercise oxygenates the brain, helping it function more effectively

Science has shown that constant exercise and involvement in physical activities keep the brain sharp. That means that athletes have the advantage of developing their brains more than those whom we refer to as intellectuals who stay seated in front of the computer all day.

Aerobic exercises like walking helps keep oxygen to flow through the brain. When the brain receives the right appropriate amount of oxygenation, it taps on and improves the brain’s cognitive and memory functions.

Exercise also helps reduce stress. When we are more relaxed, our mind clears up and we are able to look at things objectively and positively which allows us to make good decisions. Exercise is said to be a very effective cure for depression.

One of the biggest misconceptions on the brain is that the only exercise it needs is to use it – reading, thinking, mind games, etc. Several years ago, a study was conducted among two groups of preschoolers. One group was taught the basics such as the ABCs and the 123s, and indoor discussions; while the other group was given to group experiments and lots of free play involving a lot of outdoor physical activities. After the duration of the experiment, the children were tested and it was found out that the second group did significantly better than the group in classroom setup.

This is probably so because the second group was getting a lot of exercise, stimulating the brain which resulted to excellent analytical skills. They also did more than just keep up with the first group, their scores were higher in the topics that were discussed and taught to the first group in classroom setup.

Here’s an article on Deccan Herald on how aerobic exercise can improve the brain:

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