Burning Calories With Ample Amount Of Exercise

A total of 20-30 minutes of exercise is being promoted nowadays by many fitness experts, practitioners and institutions. Even the Australian government had taken to encouraging its citizens on taking on that much exercise to battle the growing rate of obesity.

However, it seems that the 20-30 minutes of exercise isn’t really what’s going to cut it.Australia’s National Health and Medical Research Council chairperson, Dr. Amanda Lee,  admits that a half-hour of exercise may not be really be adequate to burn  the calories that 82 % of male Australians and 68% of female Australians consume.

Here’s a video demonstrating the above exercises:

20-Minute Circuit Exercise Demo

Aiming to burn 500 Calories in a 20-minute exercise may lead to injury. Start low and build up from there to achieve that goal.

Aiming to burn 500 Calories in a 20-minute exercise may lead to injury. Start low and build up from there to achieve that goal.

Dr. Amanda Lee says that the NHMRC is cautious not to put pressure on people to get into exercise as the current population can barely find time to engage into physical activities that will help them lose or maintain weight; hence, the 30 minutes exercise recommendation.

The ideal (understandable) ratio for weight loss is: Lesser intake of calories + Physical activity/exercise more than what you eat.

The website, iHealth gives a pretty good illustration of how much exercise a person needs to do to burn the calories from some food.

For example, a regular bran of muffin contains 15 grams of fat and 400 calories. What you will need to burn off those calories is 90 minutes of brisk walking or 60 minutes of brisk walking; or any activity with that equivalent.

Two pieces of Kentucky Fried Chicken would need you to do around 60-106 minutes of high intensity workout such as tennis or vigorous cycling to burn off its 720 calorie content.

In a Yahoo forum regarding what regular Australians eat, answers showed dinners commonly consisting of roasts, barbecues, sandwiches, pasta and beer. Pizza, wine and curry are also popular.

Three years ago, ABC News reported that the Australian diet was already 40% filled with fats and oils and that the sugar and alcohol intake had doubled. The same concern on obesity and its causes remains the same.

Here’s an article on news.com.au:

30 Minutes Of Exercise May Not Be Enough

Finding enough time to exercise may be a challenge, and if 20-30 minutes are all you have to spare in a day, then you need to make those minutes count.
A set of circuit exercises that include 10 reps of burpees, jump squats, planks, pushups, mountain climber and leg lifts is a good fat-burning routine. We highly recommend consulting your physician first before taking on this routine.

A word of caution: Burning a goal of 500 calories in twenty minutes  is not something that is ideal and may lead to injury. To do so is equal to running a mile for only six minutes.

What you can do is to build up your exercise from low to high like taking on a 20-minute jog or brisk walking first, then building it up from there to achieve the 500 calorie a day goal.

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