Breathing has benefits all on its own

When we talk about exercise, we usually refer to physical activities such as running, jumping swimming, calisthenics or sports. We seldom think about breathing unless we breach the topics of Yoga or Pilates.

It’s a common thing to take for granted something that we do automatically. How many of you wondered why your dance instructor yells “don’t forget to breathe” during a session? We follow it and we know it’s important, but we don’t really dig deeper about it.

Breathing And Exercise is A Powerful Combination

Breathing And Exercise is A Powerful Combination

It might surprise you to find out that breathing does have its own set of benefits apart from the physical exercises that we do. According to an article in The Times of India, breathing is proven to reduce stress rooting from panic and fear. It can also rid your body of bad toxins and makes the lungs strong.

Read more in that article on The Times of India:

Breathing Exercises For Strong Lung Muscles

How does breathing help detoxify? What we know of detoxification is usually in the form of liquid. Now, we know that oxygen can help detoxify the body. But how?

When we breathe, the diaphragm muscle is pushed downward, which in turn, helps in the blood flow and the distribution of food elements in the body. The lymph goes through the lymph system, pushing out the toxins that cause chronic illnesses out and away from our body.

Did you know that when your alertness is compromised and your energy is down, your breathing has something to do with it? Well, it does. When you breathe in insufficient oxygen into your lungs, your energy and response are both affected.

Breathing And Yoga

Yoga is almost synonymous to breathing. Even people who know zilch about this practice are aware that breathing techniques are essential to effective yoga workouts.

Breathing in Yoga terms is called “Pranyama’. It has three levels: The High, Middle and Low Breath.

High breath is the one that only reaches the top to the tip part of the lungs. People who have breathing problems commonly have this one. You would figure out by now that the Middle breath goes a little deeper than the high breath. Shoulders are moved during middle breathing. Lastly, the Low breathing is the deepest, expanding the abdomen when you inhale.

Breathing can simply be one without the other two, but ideally, a complete breath involving all three is the goal.

Here’s a video of some practical breathing exercises you can do at home:

Simple And Practical Breathing Exercises

There you go! When you find yourself stressed or needing a bit of relaxation after a hard day’s work and you just can’t move a limb anymore, all you have to do is take on some breathing exercises.  They’re the simplest, least demanding exercises that you can do to help keep you going.

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