It looks like Australians are giving China Manufacturers a run for the plastic; at least, as far as Australia is concerned. Fitness equipment had recently been set up on the beaches of South Melbourne by a group called REDcycle; and while this doesn’t seem like news, look again! Every single one of these equipment are made out of recycled plastic.

Making good use of plastic for making things is now a common practice among many manufacturers. According to Play Quest, a company that produces playground equipment using recycled plastic, it is a proactive decision for many businesses to take part in building a healthy and “sustainable environment”.

Outdoor Fitness Equipment Should Encourage People To Go Outside More

Outdoor Fitness Equipment Should Encourage People To Go Outside More

A healthy and sustainable environment goes extremely well with the rising awareness on health and fitness, don’t you think?

Putting up more exercise equipment in beaches and at the park is good especially with the rise of controversies and issues on bootcamp groups and outdoor fitness activities lately. Fitness enthusiasts now have a variety of equipment to use for their outdoor workouts and have a designated place for some of the exercises that they need to do.

It’s like having an outdoor plastic fitness gym.

For instance, fitness buffs can do their chair dips on a plastic pommel horse; or add intensity to their push ups on a plastic push-up bar. They can develop their strength with push and pull exercises using plastic strength and stretch bars, or do some chin ups on plastic horizontal bars.

The truth of the matter is that we don’t really need these pieces of equipment to be able to do our workout outdoors; however, having them around can encourage those who prefer indoor gyms because of the equipment to go outside more. There are so much more benefits to exercising under the sun and communing with nature.

Here’s an article on the new fitness equipment at South Melbourne beach:

Fitness Equipment Made Of Plastic Set Up At The Beach

Read the article from Herald Sun.

Whether these companies will come up with smaller fitness equipment made of plastic such as kettleballs and dumbbells is not a far fetched idea; after all, they’ve already come up with plastic machines such as a plastic chest press, a plastic elliptical machine and a plastic exercise bike. This is probably one of the best ideas somebody ever came up with. Hopefully it does its work in encouraging the public to get into the habit of fitness and exercise.

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