Exercise is meant to enhance your health by increasing your energy, but what happens often is the complete opposite. Rather than feeling more active and strong, you feel tired and weak right after every workout. This is a sign that something’s wrong. Listed below are 4 things you should consider for your current condition.

How to Overcome Exercise Fatigue Photo Credit: www.livestrong.com

How to Overcome Exercise Fatigue
Photo Credit: www.livestrong.com

It is essential that you think about your physical limits when you exercise specifically if you’re going back from a long exercise break. Start gradually on your workout routines. If you plan to jog, start by walking for a couple of minutes and eventually increase your pace compared to that of a jog soon after your legs already have warmed-up. This should help you avoid getting sprains and cramps.

Energize your body with the proper kind of food before partaking yourself in exercise. While you burn energy by exercising, the body will require more energy to help keep going. If you’re exercising each morning, you’ll most likely require a heavy breakfast rich in carbohydrates and protein from fish, eggs, whole grains, fresh vegetables and fruits.

Apart from requiring food for energy, the body as well needs water to replace lost electrolytes. Dehydration is a typical condition with sports athletes who forget to hydrate their bodies before training or playing. Lack of water in your body can also lead to muscle weakness, which explains the feelings of fatigue you have when working out.

The basic rule for working out is not to go overboard. Make some room in your schedule for you to rest and repair tissue. Pushing yourself to your limits throughout exercise may seem like a positive thing, however it really drains your energy long before you complete your routine. To resolve this issue, ensure to get 4 days of rest out of your exercise schedule.

Here’s an article from The Globe and Mail:

What You Need To Know to Fight Exercise Fatigue

[quote style=”boxed”]When you exercise above a certain “critical power” – a threshold below which you feel you could sustain your effort almost indefinitely – your muscles produce and accumulate chemical byproducts such as lactate, hydrogen ions, phosphate and potassium.

These metabolites also begin to accumulate in the bloodstream, where they circulate throughout the body and thus can potentially affect other muscles.[/quote]

In the event that you still experience workout fatigue after you have followed these tips, you need to go and consult a doctor. It’s possible that you’ve got nutrient deficiency that you’re getting every day. Or, you might have other health conditions that should be addressed. Regardless of the situation, a professional would have the ability to assist you efficiently.

Apart from vitamin deficiencies, you should also look into the types of exercises you’re doing. Modern cross training gyms can just overtrain you. Just like medicine, exercise could have a drug-like effect, and if you’re doing it excessively, it could be harmful to your health. Choosing the adequate amounts of exercise can invigorate your life.  It’s an experience that should not be taken easily.

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