If you are bored with the same-old machines and weights at the gym, adding variety to your workout is a great way to burn more calories since your body is pushed to adjust to something new. If you are searching for a change, then a fitness boot camp is the answer. Dangerously Fit offers a variety of workouts such as battle ropes workout.

Working out with battling ropes is a new craze in boot camp training groups. It is among the most effective fat burn workouts you can perform. It is still a fairly new tool to get a full body workout, which involves your core to have a solid 6 pack  and burns a massive amount of calories. Compared with most exercises that you are used to, speed is necessary for this workout. This means, there is absolutely no time the rope isn’t moving, it is a continuous movement.

Battling Ropes Workouts at Boot Camp Sydney

Battling Ropes Workouts at Boot Camp Sydney

Doing battling ropes exercises during an interval makes a highly intense workout. It is a safe and low-impact training technique which targets the muscular system while adding a small amount of force on your joints.

Though this workout is a bit hard, it is much more fun.  It is effective in providing participants functional strength, especially by enhancing your grip as well as strengthening your shoulders.

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Scorch Calories with Battle Ropes

The battling rope workout can be safely and successfully carried out by anyone regardless of what their level of conditioning and strength is.
It will greatly improve a person’s ability to maintain a higher level of intensity and sustain a higher level of work capacity.

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