NBC Today’s Al Roker recently published a book on how he was able to finally lose the weight he has been struggling with for years. In an interview in the same show, it was mentioned that in the beginning phase of his pursuit for fitness, he went through a detox diet.

Detox Diets are Temporary Solutions with Temporary Results

Detox Diets are Temporary Solutions with Temporary Results

Detox diet is an approach in weight loss wherein toxins that are supposed to be harmful for the health are being rid of through the avoidance of certain foods; the most common of which are dairy foods with gluten and cassein, fried and processed foods.

Detox diets do not necessarily mean taking out food altogether but it’s what a society pressured to be skinny easily gravitates to.

Detox diet had been around since the 19th century but it was only around 2009 when it became a serious buzz in Hollywood. We all know what happens when the famous celebrities take on a new fad diet and display their seemingly amazing bodies; the fans imitate.

Some of the most popular detox diets are the Master Cleanse, Blueprint cleanse and Quantum Wellness Program. Nutritionists warn strongly against all detox diets because of the harm that it can cause the health as all these diets are lacking in nutrition needed by the body.

Sarah Jessica Parker and Beyonce are known to have taken on some of these detox diets to help them shape up for roles, but even Beyonce discouraged anybody to take on these unhealthy diets in an interview for a show in the U.K.

As skinnyandthecity.com founder, nutritionist Tanya Zuckerbrot reiterated on a CBS segment, these diets are only for a short duration of time – 6 days for Blueprint cleanse or 21 days for Quantum Wellness program; they are temporary solutions with temporary results. They offer instant gratification but are not for long-term nutrition. Most often than not, once you’re off the detox diet, you gain back all the weight you’ve lost.

Nobody can sustain a detox diet for life, not unless you’ve already acquired a life-threatening eating disorder. But in that case, “for life” would be a paradox.

Al Roker did detox dieting for 28 days when he started on his quest for weight loss; since then, he’s been working out with a personal trainer and has been in constant consultation with a nutritionist. The detox diet was only a part of the process which, hopefully, those who have been listening to the interview caught on.

Here’s the video on Al Roker’s interview on NBC Today: Click Here

Having a shapely and toned body that’s been worked on properly with exercise and a well-balanced diet is ideal. It’s safe and usually goes for long term. Sometimes, People miss out on the main reason why people work out to slim down: health. When you’re subjecting your body to fad diets such as the detox diet, you totally negate that.

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