A lot of us have thought that just increasing our workout sessions will give us better results. Certainly, exercising for just an hour will surely have better results than working out for just a minute. The answer to seeing more results quicker is through increasing the intensity of your exercises. The fact is this tends to reduce the time you exercise throughout a session while giving you better results.

Cardio exercise is a great exercise for weight loss and staying fit. Some people do not know the right way to do cardio exercise at the right intensity for optimum benefit. Intensity of the workout is the most crucial part of any aerobics routine.

When starting a cardio routine, you should first consult your physician if you have any health conditions that should be attended to. Exercise can enhance the quality of life for anyone, whatever their health condition, but consulting your doctor assures that the workout routine you use are not detrimental to your condition or won’t worsen your heart because of any medication you may be taking that may change your heart rate.

How to Safely Increase the Intensity of your Cardio Exercise

How to Safely Increase the Intensity of your Cardio Exercise

For optimum benefit from your cardio exercise, you must find the appropriate intensity for you. When you exercise excessively, you might injure yourself. The right intensity is where exercising is challenging but not too rigorous or difficult to maintain. You may have to add weights to your exercise or increase the rate when you exercise. Assess your cardio exercise regimen each week or more and make any necessary variations.

After you have consulted your doctor, you can start choosing some cardio exercises that are suited for your body and for your fitness goals. You should choose an exercise program that you will enjoy compared to choosing a program according to what you believe you ought to be doing.

In addition, you should also keep your cardio exercise safe. Try not to over-exercise; you will end up injured doing this. Also, be cautious of under training, you will be aware of it since you are not getting any results. Stay safe and exercise with other individuals to assist you if ever you need help. For those who exercise alone, be sure that others are aware that you are working out so that help can be on the way if necessary.

Watch this video for you to have the knowledge on how you can increase the intensity of your cardio workout.

How to Increase the Level of Intensity of Your Cardio Workout

Cardio workout is an excellent way to burn fat, lose weight, and have better health and fitness. The key to cardio exercise is the right intensity for optimum benefits. Start small, build at a low pace and find that right intensity level, and you will get maximum benefits.

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