Weight Loss Does Not Always Happen When You Breastfeed

People always say that breastfeeding can help a mother achieve weight loss. Many women who opt to breastfeed their babies cling on that hope that doing so would help them shed off the excess pounds that they have gained during the pregnancy period.

A study in 2008 conducted by the Danish National Birth Cohort show that most mothers who breastfeed their children are most likely going to lose the extra weight after six months.

The Surest Way To Lose The Baby Weight Is To Eat Right And To Do The Appropriate Exercises

The Surest Way To Lose The Baby Weight Is To Eat Right And To Do The Appropriate Exercises

Despite the results of the researches and numerous testimonies of women who claimed to have lost weight because of breastfeeding, there are many who shake their heads and deny losing the poundage after doing so.

There are many reasons why women gain a lot of weight during their pregnancy stages; most of these reasons root to the discomfort and the symptoms that they go through during the 9 months of carrying a child.

When a woman is pregnant, there are many hormonal and physiological changes that transpire. A woman who is expecting usually experience some pain and soreness and it’s easy for her to find comfort wherever she may find it; especially in food. Since a pregnant woman has to eat for two, her appetite is a bit challenging to curb.

Another reason why pregnant women get heavy is that they obviously have limitations on the amount and kind of physical activities that they engage in. Even an active woman who works out while she’s pregnant is expected to gain a bit of weight during this period.

Women Don’t Always Achieve Weight Loss After Delivery

One mother commented on an article posted on babycenter.com about this topic that she gained weight instead of losing it when she breastfed because she got hungrier when she did.

Another mom agrees to it and says that instead of achieving weight loss, she gained 45 pounds when she breastfed. She points out that since it took 9 months to gain that heaviness, losing it will not happen overnight.

However, other women are really convinced that weight loss happened for them. One mom says she lost 30 pounds in six weeks while another lost 20 pounds in one.Jersey Shore star, Snooki Polizzi says that she had lost the first 20 of her 42 pounds weight loss when breastfeeding.

Here’s the story on MTV Australia:

Proof is that the body uses the calories to produce milk. Whether it does make a woman thinner is yet to be scientifically proven.

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