Personal Training Should Continue On Winters

Many people think that winter is not good for personal training. They’re wrong. Despite the weather being too cold and posing more challenges in terms of finding good locations for you to work out, it’s not a crazy idea at all to work out even during the winter.

Before anything else, you still need to consider that the weather does have some things that you need to consider and prepare for. For one, winters are really cold. You need to dress appropriately for it.

Personal Training can be as effective on winter season CC by roanokecollege,

Personal Training can be as effective on winter season
CC by roanokecollege,

Dressing up in layers is a good idea, but make sure that it will not constrict and limit your movements. You need for your arms and legs to be free enough to move. Make sure that the cloth nearest to your body will quickly absorb body moisture and able to bring it away from your skin and the topmost layer must be somewhat waterproof.

Thermo shirts are ideal for winter workouts because they have a special cloth that is designed for body heat regulation. There are some that even have the special quality of enhancing your circulation and helps in reducing fatigue.

Another thing to remember is not to take the cold for granted. Do not measure the success of your workout by the amount of sweat you make; instead, use a heart rate monitor to do so.

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Here are some exercises that you can do during winter:

Making Personal Training Possible During Winter

1.Use the Stairs

Stairs can be a very useful personal training tool during the cold months. You can shed about 200 to 300 calories just by continuously walking up and down the stairs.

2. Shovel Snow

You can burn up to 400 calories by shovelling the snow in your driveway. Or you can offer to shovel the snow off your neighbours’ driveways, too.

3. Ski, skate or play sled

Take advantage of the games and sports of the season.  Skiing and skating can help you lose up to 700 calories depending on the intensity of your training.

You can play with sled and lose up to 200 calories by dragging the sled up the hill on your own. You will not only be giving your body a full workout, you’ll also have the chance to enjoy it with other people.

4. Indoor Swimming

Find an indoor pool, maybe at the local sports club or in a hotel facility. Swimming can burn you 500 calories while giving your body a low, cardiovascular workout.

Personal training can be effective at any season. You can remain active and keep to your exercises even in the coldest of months.

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