Soda-Free Diet Increases Your Chances of Losing Weight

Coca Cola is the biggest, most popular soda manufacturer in the world. For years, they’ve come up with variations of the all-time favorite drink, pioneering on diet sodas and low to no calorie sodas. Many people have come to believe that by shifting to the low calorie versions of their favorite drinks in their diet, they can lose weight.

Recently, the soda company came up with something really smart. Pushing a global campaign on obesity, Coca Cola is now promoting a video stating what we all should’ve known all along – every calorie counts.

Every calorie counts, including those in the low calorie versions of our favorite coke. It will all add up to your total

consumption. And if you take in more calories than you’re burning, you’re bound to get fat.

Without exercise and self control in your food intake, your shift to low calorie drinks amounts to nothing. For a few people, having shifted to diet sodas had helped them avoid excess poundage; researches explain how it can work for some and not for most.

Drinking Water


Carbonation and Saccharin content in your diet soda

Have you ever heard of the saying “anything in excess is harmful?”  Sodas are very addictive; according to some studies, it’s the combination of high sugar content and caffeine that produces this effect. In truth, Sodas taste good. The more you drink it, the harder it is to take off from your diet list.

Diet sodas also have artificial sweeteners in them which trigger pangs of hunger and craving in drinkers. This is the effect of the Saccharin content. The brain connects the taste to the amount of calories consumed, necessitating the process by which food intake is regulated. But when the taste buds consume unrecognized calorie content, the brain gets confused.

You must know that the body metabolism of a habitual soda drinker differs from that of a casual soda drinker;  the first having adjusted to the soda intake and burning less of the fats sourced from the soda than that of a casual drinker despite exercise.

Another important factor to consider about sodas is carbonation. In theory, carbonation causes the slowing down of fat loss. High soda drinkers burn less fat than non-soda drinkers.

Take a look at Coke’s promotional video:

It really takes a decision, and a big one, to lose the unwanted kilos. Your diet makes up 50% of that decision. Take full control of your soda consumption if you want to see favorable results on your fitness efforts. If water is an option, as it usually is,  it is more advisable that you take it.

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