There is a huge emphasis on securing certification for personal trainers. Obesity has become a global concern and addressing it during rough economical times may be a bit more challenging for a lot of people. Many tend to gravitate to lower cost fitness programs such as free bootcamps to lose weight.

Spending nothing for a bootcamp? Why not? It looks deceivingly safe because there’s a huge crowd getting into it. But the answer to that can be summed up in one word: Injury.

Certified Bootcamp Personal Trainers Hold Reasonable Accountability For Their Clients

Certified Bootcamp Personal Trainers Hold Reasonable Accountability For Their Clients

Injuries that transpire during fitness sessions range from minor cuts or sprain to terribly traumatic incidents that end in surgery. Having a certification in fitness should not be shrugged off as personal training is not something you can just wing.

Extensive knowledge, training and experience is the most important qualification of a personal trainer. Your bootcamp personal trainer must genuinely know what he’s doing!

Experienced Bootcamp Personal Trainer Vs Certified Bootcamp Personal Trainer

An un-certified but experienced Bootcamp Personal Trainer is usually someone who had been working out for some time, maybe even as long as 10 years. They have probably joined some bootcamps themselves and through observation, have learned to execute the rudiments of most of the exercises in the book.

These “experienced” Personal Trainers may have gained some knowledge through some readings and perhaps, learned through snippets of discussions with other fitness buffs and professional trainers.

Their knowledge, experience and accountability on any accidents that may happen during the bootcamp sessions are very limited. The invisible sign at the door says, “enter at your own risk”.

A Certified Bootcamp Personal Trainer has undergone special courses on fitness and exercise. They have also gone through special trainings to enhance their skills and their expertise.

A Certified Bootcamp Personal Trainer has been put through series of skills tests under recognized fitness accreditation institutions and has passed. The Accrediting body attests that he possesses the right and adequate skills and application knowledge to oversee another person’s fitness and health.

A Certified Bootcamp Personal Trainer knows what to do when emergency strikes and holds reasonable accountability for his clients. He is eligible for public liability insurance.

Here’s an article on The New York Times regarding a free bootcamp.

Sure,  some people have a natural knack for training; but without certification, there’s no gauge on how much skills they really have and if they really are at par with the standards accepted for bootcamp and fitness training.

There’s not denying that People must have accessibility to good fitness; obesity is a global crisis and action must be taken. Perhaps, governments can lend a hand to these people who mean well and help them acquire the training and the certification they need to be able to put up bootcamps that help people in lack get into exercising and improving their health.

All of Dangerously fit Personal Trainers hold Certificates 3 & 4 in Fitness, have Certifications in Senior First Aid and Fitness Australia registration and they are insured for up $20,000,000 for public liability. Contact us about the company’s easy and affordable payment schemes.