Fitness or Weight Loss? Which is More Important?

An increasing number of children and adults are having difficulties to reduce unwanted fat. However, is it really essential to be so worried about how much you weigh? If you are just like many people, losing weight has become the biggest reason why you signed up with a fitness club. On the other hand, research has shown that if you will only have 15-25 pounds to get rid of, reducing excess weight is probably not that essential for your overall wellness. Losing weight has also been proven to be a lousy motivator. More than 89 percent of the people making weight loss as a main goal gave up on a fitness program shortly after six months. Therefore, if losing weight is certainly not that essential, what is?


Unless you belong on the list of three weight loss categories listed below, you probably will not notice a great deal of health benefit from shedding only a couple of pounds. The National Institutes of Health or NIH says this with regards to weight loss.

Health professionals concur that you could get health benefits by just a minor weight loss if:

1. You are said to be overweight or obese according to your BMI or body mass index

2. You are said to be obese or overweight depending on your body mass index and also have weight-related issues or else a family history of such conditions

3. You’ve got a waist which measures over 40 inches if you’re a man or over 35 inches if you’re a woman

These 3 cases are an excellent guideline if extra weight is definitely an issue. Take note of #1, it says that you must have a BMI within the overweight or obese range to worry for your weight only if like #2 you may have some other health problems or just like #3 your waist measures over 40 inches for men or perhaps 35 inches for women, correspondingly.

Changing your goals and concentration to improving your fitness is really a much better strategy. Better fitness opens doors to having more enjoyment along with your friends and don’t feel being excluded from an activity because you are way too exhausted and tired. Any good fitness program includes these four primary components.

  •   Endurance: Allows you to work more and play before you get tired
  •   Flexibility: Helps keep muscles and joints safe
  •   Balance: Avoids falls as well as fractures
  •   Muscular Strength: Boosts athletic performance

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Fitness is More Important than Weight Loss

Why fitness is better than weight loss

Regular visits to the fitness centre can improve your fitness and give a number of healthful benefits even though you will not lose a pound. Regular exercise lowers blood pressure level, blood sugar, heart problems, cholesterol levels, as well as joint pain. It keeps your blood vessels and heart in good shape. Moreover, it enables you to live a fuller and richer life.

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