Fitness Failures are Common

It’s no longer a surprise when someone you know started on a workout plan and a diet and was doing great, but then later on, drops the whole fitness regimen. In fact, most people are like that. Only a few can really stay on their workout routines and diet and claim success; most people would have lost a few pounds but gain it all back twice quicker than the length of time they worked on losing them.

Fitness Success is Possible With Bootcamp

Fitness Success is Possible With Bootcamp

There’s really no secret to this. People can’t stay long on their fitness and diet plans because they lose the motivation to keep at it. Dieting can get especially hard and lonely when everyone around you isn’t as wary as you are with the food they stuff in. Chances are, they’ll even tempt you to reach out for the food you’ll regret to have eaten when you wake up the next day.

This is why bootcamps have grown very popular these days. People find encouragement and motivation being around people who will be aiming for the same results as they are. It’s also much more fun to go through workout and fitness drills alongside others who are huffing and puffing as much as you.

If you’re familiar with rehabilitation centers, you’ll find the very same principle behind the bootcamp phenomenon. People find strength to continue on when they are surrounded with people whom they feel understand exactly what they’re going through and encourage them to carry on, to push forward, to run for the goal.

Fact is, bootcamps and other fitness programs are like rehabilitation centers. You have a need to rehabilitate yourself from old habits that are destructive to your health.

Studies have proven that people who are surrounded by a healthy support group are most likely to succeed in the goals that they have set. Fitness bootcamps can provide that setting.

Here’s a report by Virtual Strategy Magazine on how many people fail on the fitness plans that they start on:

84% of those who started an exercise program in January or February had done so around the same time in the past 4 years. The results show motivation to get fit is strongest in the first quarter and wanes dramatically in March through May.

The poll raised the question of whether people are creating a “failure habit” that leads them to start diet, fitness and exercise programs they know they will not complete. If so, this is clearly something that is fueling the national obesity rate, now at over 30%.

Read the rest of the report here.

Sticking on to a workout plan is not really as impossible as it seems. It can be done. What you need is the right and productive environment that will help motivate you to achieve your fitness goals.

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