Are you always on edge, anxious or frustrated? Think you’re a couch potato or perhaps do you just sit in front of your computer all through the day and not getting any kind of exercise? When your response is yes either to any of these questions, you might want to opt for gardening. Did you know that gardening can enable you to get fit? It’s called backyard fitness.

Work in the lawn or in your garden exercises the heart, as well as, other muscles as efficiently as other kinds of exercise. Did you know that just pushing a hand mower will burn much more calories compared to an hour on the treadmill for 4 miles per hour. Raking and digging burn much more calories. Every amount of cardio exercise reduces your chance of cardiovascular disease. The possibility of cardiovascular disease is reduced for 30 minutes of daily yard work you do.

Gardening as a Great Workout. Photo Credit:

Gardening as a Great Workout.
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Before going to your garden along with you gardening hat and gloves, perform a bit of stretching in order to warm your muscles to do the job ahead. Following stretching, have a 5 minute brisk walk around a garden to determine where you’ll be working on that particular day. Take a look at exercise programs online and libraries or you can visit the bookstore.

You do not need expensive equipment for getting warmed up. You may utilize a broom place behind your back and move your body from left to right. Grab two soup cans and perform a few arm curls. You can also perform some stretching and carry out the garden work in little sections till you feel much stronger.

To prevent overuse-injuries, change chores frequently. Begin with weeding, after which change to digging within the dirt. Get some breaks, the 30 minutes doesn’t have to become constant.

You should change positions often in order not to freeze up. If you are weeding, you can kneel on the pad, after which change to a sitting position. Ensure that you possess proper gear. At all times put on sturdy garden gloves and shoes. If in case you’ve got a back problem, put on a brace to prevent more injuries. Spend just a little bit more time warming up a part that might be venerable.

Carry and lift properly. If lifting, try to bend out of your knees and not your waist. This can prevent you from back injuries. When transporting heavy loads such as sacks of soil, carry them near to the body and centered instead of in front. If something is actually heavy, instead of risk injury, make use of a wheel barrow.

Check out this interesting article from The Telegraph on how a simple gardening can turn into a workout routine. Read more from this article.

Why Not Turn Gardening Into A Fitness Routine?

[quote style=”boxed”]Recent research highlights the importance of daily exercise in the fight against dementia, cancer, heart problems, depression and more. A garden can provide the perfect space for exercise as, unlike a gym, you nurture and tend to it regularly – and it can quickly become addictive.[/quote]

While doing gardening, it is essential to stay well-dehydrated. Don’t hold back until you are feeling thirsty, stay hydrated constantly.

And not only that: never go overboard. Pace yourself when you initially start yard work. Split the yard work over a few days and definitely your muscles will appreciate it.

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