Hope you had an awesome weekend!

There was lot’s going on in Sydney with ACDC, UFC, Croc Fest and the Playground Festival.

Which might explain the lower than average turnout at the Coogee boot camp this morning… I’m sure Ill see you at training later in the week.


As I mentioned in my last e-mail we’re putting together two workshops in the coming weeks, the 1st with a running specialist, the 2nd with a dietitian.

The 1st workshop will be with Chris at The Running Company next Wednesday at 7pm.

Before I met Chris I never put much thought into getting a pair of runners, I just used to get whichever ones looked the best.

For years I’ve suffered with really bad shin splints whenever I run, a couple of years ago it got so bad I could hardly walk.

After Chris showed me the running analysis he uses I realized why.

If you’re wearing the wrong pair of trainers you could be setting yourself up for all sorts of problems in a few weeks, months or years from now.

Unfortunately most of the clerks at the big chain stores just don’t know this stuff, which is why it’s important to get checked now before you get injured.

If you suffer from any sort of knee pain or shin splints when you run, or would like to prevent future problems I highly recommend you spare an hour of your time and come along….

…it’s FREE to all Dangerously Fit members.

When: Wednesday 3rd March at 7pm
Where: The Running Company, Gould Street, Bondi Beach (next to billabong).
What To Bring: Your old pair of running trainers
What Chris will be covering:

1. Running shoes – what for?
2. Foot function – Pronation, what is it?, is it good for you?, how do you see it?
3. Types of running shoes – Support or no support?
4. Barefoot training – is it good for you?
5. Individual gait analysis and fitting.

Chris has also agreed to give you a 10% discount if you purchase a pair of new trainers on the night.

Due to the size of the venue and to allow Chris to give everyone a free running analysis we can only fit 15 people into the workshop.

If you would like to attend please r.s.v.p right away!

See you soon.

Dan Clay
Dangerously Fit

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P.S We’ll be holding the next workshop the following week with Antonia (the dietitian), she will be discussing:

1. Healthy eating
2. Good fats and bad fats
3. Diet tips
4. Label reading

She will also look through your nutrition plans and give you tips on what you need to change in your diet for optimum health, so it’s a good idea to start keeping a nutrition journal now.

We’ll also be doing a weigh in and girth measurements, this is optional but will be beneficial for you to record your progress.

An e-mail with more info for this workshop will be sent out next week.

Note: Nutrition journals can be found on the members site.