Know the value of an Individualized Fitness Plan

In the 80s and 90s, personal trainers and Individualized Fitness Plans were more exclusive to celebrities, athletes, bodybuilders or anyone falling into the “rich and famous” category. The rest join group exercise programs without seeking much attention from their fitness instructors; while others go about with their workouts by themselves.

A person can really benefit so much from an Individualized Fitness Plan.

A person can really benefit so much from an Individualized Fitness Plan.

Nowadays, personal trainers are much more accessible to the middle class, with it, individualized fitness plans. Individualized fitness plans are based on a person’s assessment of his fitness capability. A certified personal trainer would make an assessment of the person’s physical capabilities by reading through his medical history, interviewing the client of his expectations and goals in fitness and going through the history of his past physical activities.

A person with a history of a heart ailment or any chronic illness would probably need a slightly different workout plan than that of regular people. A person’s activeness in the past is also contributive to the workout design; as the starting point of a person whose history of physical participation is limited to high school gym class would differ greatly from sports buffs.

And then, there’s the matter of the person’s fitness goals and expectations. For instance, the cast of 300 had a workout plan (and diet) at a specific schedule to bring out the kind of physique required of them for their roles. Not everyone wants that for themselves.

A person can really benefit so much more from an individualized fitness plans. It develops a person’s confidence as he meets one fitness milestone to another; the kind of confidence that motivates a person to learn new skills and acquire habits. The proper progression of the workout provides room for a person to have a sense of competence necessary to move up in his exercise levels and eventually, meet his fitness goals.

Here’s an article on The Herald News on a personal trainer’s account on the importance of an individualized fitness plan

Benefiting from an Individualized Fitness Plan

Friedl varies the routine each week; each exercise is designed so participants feel comfortable repeating them at home. If need be, Friedl adapts his workout to fit any individual’s needs and limitations.

“If I see someone struggling with an exercise, I’ll show them how to do it a different way or an easier way,” Friedl said. “I’ve had clients with scleroderma, a client with over 50 different surgeries on his neck and back, overweight people and people in good shape. I can modify any exercise to work with anyone’s fitness level.”

Friedl understands firsthand the importance of an individualized workout program.

Dangerously fit places an importance on Individualized Fitness Plans for every client who signs up with us. This is why we have high standards on the personal trainers that we add to our company. They must be fitness experts to the letter, certified to be capable of making proper assessments of our clients’ physical capabilities and highly able to work with medical consultants on matters of concern.

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