Is it Okay for Kate Middleton to Work out?

The Media tunes in to find out more of Kate Middleton’s fitness regimen especially now that she’s pregnant. She was recently seen purchasing a pair of Yoga leggings and it looks like the duchess does not plan on sitting out her pregnancy.

Since Kate Middleton’s bout with severe morning sickness is well known, people are curious on how she will go about with her workout routine. Will it be safe for her to have one? How much workout can she do? Will it be beneficial for her and the baby?

Is it Okay for Kate Middleton to Work out?

Is it Okay for Kate Middleton to Work out?


Is it safe for pregnant women to exercise?

If you’re pregnant, it is best to consult with your physician and ask if there are necessary precautions that you’ll have to consider when you plan a workout routine. It really will depend on the state and condition of your pregnancy.  As it seems, the duchess is back on her feet and has bounced back from the vomiting spells. Some exercises just might go well with her.

How much workout can a pregnant woman do?

How much exercise a pregnant woman can take on really depends on how active she had been before the pregnancy. Kate Middleton has been reported to have been maintaining a fitness regimen even before the marriage with Prince William, so it just might be that she’s going for a bit more than a beginner would.

You must remember that when you’re pregnant, the purpose of having an exercise routine or a workout plan is to maintain the fitness level that you already have. It’s not the right time to plan on increasing it; it may put to risk your life and the baby’s.

Is exercise beneficial for the mom and her baby?

It’s really more for the mom than it is for the baby. Having a fitness regimen when you’re pregnant like Kate Middleton helps prepare you for the childbirth process. It builds your muscles and your endurance and the best part is that it will make it easier for you to get back in shape after the baby has been born.

Working out while you’re pregnant also makes the 9-months easier for you. Pregnant women who exercise have less or no mood swings and experience less aches and pains.

Here’s’s report on Kate Middleton shopping for fitness clothes:

CC BY-SA Carfax2

CC BY-SA Carfax2

The Duchess has been spotted making a number of shopping trips in London recently and

according to US Weekly she ventured out again on Monday (January 28) to shop for some maternity gym clothes.

According to sources Kate was spotted browsing in Selfridges on Oxford Street, stopping in the casual and sportswear department. The source says that Kate was particularly keen on some Sweaty Betty clothes.

The Duchess reportedly bought a  pair of Kriya Yoga leggings in grey, which retail for around £30. During the low-key trip, Kate also checked out the jumpers in the section of her favourite brand Reiss, but avoided other pricey labels, the source adds.

You can continue reading the article here:

Kate Middleton is bound to continue on with her fitness regimen to lose the excess weight she’s going to gain while pregnant. Mothers need to be fit and healthy to be able to keep up with the demands of motherhood.

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