Weight Loss Can Happen When You Shift Your Lifestyle

Have you ever wondered how celebrities and models keep the weight off?  It’s really all about discipline. Weight Loss for these people is tantamount to keeping themselves in good spotlight; otherwise they’ll find themselves being ridiculed in celebrity talk shows and losing gigs left and right. Whether or not we admit it, the watching public isn’t very forgiving of overweight stars; we demand them to be perfect.

Taking the Stairs Can Help You Lose Weight

Taking the Stairs Can Help You Lose Weight

With that kind of pressure, it’s easy for these celebrities to resort to quicker means to lose weight like surgery and diet medications. But there are those who have wised up and have taken the healthier route which is exercising and a change of lifestyle.

This so-called change of lifestyle isn’t as complicated as it sounds. In fact, it’s just a bunch of little adjustments in habits that one has to make to help speed up the calorie-burning and keep the excess pounds out of the picture.

We don’t need to tell you that you need to work out to get fit and get toned, that’s a given. But here’s a list of some little habits that you can take on to help you get that weight off and make the weight loss stick.

6 Little Habits To Lose Weight

1. Walk

Walk when you shop and carry those bags, too. Walk to the park or walk from one building to the next. Walk to a friend’s house. Surely, you can find opportunities to walk! Some people are too used to being shuttled here and there and walking seems to just be a thing of the past. But you see, walking has so many benefits.

It will not take the place of a regularly scheduled fitness regimen, but walking is a good cardio routine that burns off calories in between those hours of work and exercise. It keeps your muscles moving and your heart pumping.

2. Take the stairs

Walking up and down the stairs at a considerable pace burns off excess calories and works off the large muscle groups of your legs. Again, it doesn’t take the place of your usual workouts but taking the stairs instead of the elevator on your regular hours will help out the fat-burning process.

3. Drink water before every meal

Some people are just not very fond of water. They’d rather drink coffee, juices or sodas which are all rather incomparable to the health benefits that water can give such as transporting and evenly distributing the nutrients from the food you eat to the different parts of your body. Coffee, juices and soda will just load you up with more calories.

Drinking a glass of water before every meal helps in filling you up and in keeping you from eating more than you should.

4. Sleep early

When you stay up long nights, the tendency of the body is to crave for the unhealthy food and drinks such as sweets, chips and sodas. Spell Midnight Snacks. The problem is that your metabolism is slower in the evenings. You burn less calories because you body is usually less active during the night.

Snack if you must but be wise in your choices. Stick to fruits and please lay off the dips.

5.  Stay clear of fast food restaurants

This habit may be hard to break but you can be assured that it’s all worth the sacrifice. People need about 400-600 calories for every meal; but fast food items have such high calorie content, you end up consuming about 960 – 1,200 calories in one sitting. That’s not very good.

6. Think positive

Believe it or not, your perspective on things contributes to the success or failure of your weight loss efforts. Thinking that you can’t, it’s hard, it’s impossible and it can’t be done can be summed up in one word – whining. Whining is such a bad habit and it gets you nowhere with your weight goals.

Here’s an article on the Edinburgh Evening News on how a lifestyle shift had helped in a woman’s weight loss:

Woman Changes Lifestyle to Lose Weight

She is keeping up the healthy lifestyle by walking to her new job as a property manager at Rettie and takes a home-made healthy lunch to avoid temptation.

Emma Conroy, of Edinburgh Nutrition, said a good boot camp would monitor an individual health and fitness and push them within safe boundaries. And she said that for many, weight loss and health improvements were easy to achieve with a few adjustments to lifestyle – but that some people cannot do it alone.

She said: “At a time when drastic, expensive surgical interventions are increasingly promoted as the answer to obesity, it’s great to see some attention given to an inspiring, empowering example of success like Francesca’s.

It really all comes down to discipline and attitude. Discipline in keeping with your exercises and in your food intake and keeping a productive outlook on how you live your life. Rest assured, weight loss `ain’t gonna happen if you will not get off your lazy behind to do something about it.

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