Personal Trainer-Client Connection

Christopher Muther, fashion and style reporter for The Boston Globe, recently came out with an article on his friendship with his personal trainer of two years, Albert Samano.

In it, Muther was able to put in plain words the importance of having a connection with your trainer; to be able to talk things over with him, especially in matters concerning your health and fitness.

On the other hand, there are many personal trainers nowadays who mark on the connection more than the skills that they can bring in to help their clients achieve their fitness goals. Connection is good, it really is vital in any trainer-client relationship; but a word of caution for those who want to succeed in their workouts, not all personal trainers who can connect are aptly skilled for the job.

Your Personal Trainer Must Be Certified, Experienced, An Effective Communicator, Updated and Reliable

Your Personal Trainer Must Be Certified, Experienced, An Effective Communicator, Updated and Reliable

So, what are the things that a person needs to look for in a personal trainer?

Qualities Of A Good Personal Trainer


Being certified is the most important quality that a personal trainer must have. Many personal trainers go un-certified. While many of them have the basic skills in fitness and probably some or a bit more knowledge in an area or another, it is still wise to require them to have certification; having a certification means that a legitimate fitness institution is attesting to the personal trainer’s skills and expertise for the job.

All certified personal trainers have programming (knowledge and training on the combinations of endurance, strength training, coordination, speed and flexibility) and evaluating or assessment capabilities (based on the clients’ medical background, lifestyle, fitness level, etc.) backed by proper training.

This is important because it means that your personal trainer knows the science of your fitness and is aware of the benefits and effects of every single workout on your body’s development and progress.


While education is important, experience holds just as much weight. Experience is what transforms the knowledge into wisdom.

An experienced personal trainer knows when to push and when to rein in. His analysis of certain workout situations is understandably more improved and proficient than that of a fresh comer.


A good personal trainer is updated on anything that involves fitness and health. He does his research and can somehow explain to his clients the possible pros and cons of at least the biggest trends and equipment introduced in the market.

Possess Good Communication Skills

A good personal trainer must be eloquent enough to effectively give instructions, communicate or explain to his clients everything that he needs to know regarding his fitness regimen. He must also have listening skills and is able to comprehend what his client tells him.


What good is a skilled personal trainer who cannot be on time for your training or whose character is questionable?

Here’s a portion of Muther’s account on The Boston Globe:

Personal Trainer Becomes Good Friends With Client

I appreciate everything that Samano (or Alby, as I call him) has taught me about fitness. He’s a top-notch trainer (he’d quickly remind me here that he’s a master trainer). But just as much — if not more — I appreciate his friendship. He’s taught me things about life, not just lifting. Every week over a weight bench, we pour our hearts out. He helped me through a very difficult breakup; I did the same for him. We talk about both deep things and meaningless things.

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With all these in mind, the client must also consider compatibility. There must be a rapport between the personal trainer and the client. The client must be comfortable enough to express his concerns and questions and have a level of trust for his trainer’s advices and opinions regarding his fitness development for the partnership to work.

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