People will do anything to lose weight, except exercise and eat right! All kinds of diet and weight loss plans have come up to take advantage of people’s unwillingness to go about losing the excess pounds the right way.

The thing about these fad diets is that they never really work for the long term. Rapid weight loss usually takes place on the first phase but most of them are unsustainable and many end up giving up on the weight loss idea altogether, having been misled by “experts” promoting these fad diets.

People take on the strangest diets just to get out of exercising

People take on the strangest diets just to get out of exercising

Why do people go for these diet plans when clearly, not a single legitimate personal trainer would recommend any of them?

Here’s a list of three of the strangest, craziest diets that has ever come about.

Top 3 Crazy Diets

1. The Maker’s Diet

This diet is a 40-day diet based on biblical times as interpreted by a certain Jordan Rubin.  Basically, foods must be organic in nature, untouched by pesticides or hormones, unprocessed, unrefined or untreated in any way.

One of the principles presented by the author is that people in those days enjoyed long and healthy lives.

While it may seem safe, the diet brings up some strange principles into it such the prohibition of the use of toothpaste with fluoride or water treated with chlorine.

Times have changed and the world has evolved. The biblical times did not have smog and the kinds and amount of pollution that people nowadays experience, so there may be a huge difference in terms of people’s physiological needs.

Nutrition experts argue that they have no knowledge of vitamins and nutrients in those times, which would be the reason why there were no demands for such then.

Besides, although organics foods are carefully grown, there are no guarantees that these food are free of poisons as plants have natural poisons and other elements.

2. The Sleeping Beauty Diet

When you’re asleep, you don’t eat is the basic principle behind this crazy fad diet. Since you’re not consuming any calories, your body will be looking for calories to burn and will be collecting from what is readily available.

The catch, though, is that you need to be heavily sedated to catch the “beauty sleep”, and we all know the dangers that taking sedatives can do; especially if not given for real medical purposes.

Another danger would be the tendency for the person to weaken as there’ll be no food, no exercise and just days of lying there doing nothing but doze off. Even the listed pro of being able to catch sleep might not even be a pro at all since most long sleep result to heaviness and potential headaches.

3. The Tapeworm Diet

Okay, so the tapeworm thing is more of a method than a diet. This is probably the grossest one we’ll ever hear about.

Women are rumored to swallow a tapeworm which is a parasite and let it lap its way around the system while they enjoy being able to eat whatever the want from then on without any fear of ever gaining weight again.

Some people say it’s just a myth but research show that back in the 19th or 20th century, some women did use what they termed “sanitized tapeworms” to maintain their figure.

The downside of this diet other than that it’s terribly yucky? The tapeworm can hatch millions and when you’ve got millions of that in your system, you’ll surely contract some really serious health problems.

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On Bizzare Diet

If you’re serious about losing weight, do the one that will go long term. All those fad diets are nothing but marketing, they don’t really offer you anything good that’s permanent.

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