A trucker’s life is a very demanding life, one that requires a lot of time rusting out behind the wheel for hours and hours. Their definition of exercise is getting out the truck, stretching out for a couple of minutes and walking towards the local pub.

The stereotype trucker spends a lot of his hour breaks chilling out on beer or munching on oily burgers and fries in local diners. Exhaustion is easily taken as an excuse not to take on a workout plan, they’d much rather push the driver’s seat back, pull their caps over their eyes and snooze it out.


This is why news on truckers’ successful weight loss through some fitness regime or diet that they’ve decided to take on serves as a great motivation for many others in the business and outside of it. It serves as a statement, “if truckers can do it, so can anyone.”

Exercise and Diet Tips For Truckers

Pit Stops are inevitable. Truckers need some time to recharge after a long day of driving and being on the road. They also need to eat. Pit stops are the entry points for the unhealthiest foods to enter the body as truck drivers tend to load themselves with the largest, heaviest, meatiest, and most sauce-filled sandwiches that they can have.

But truckers can make pit stops a great way to exercise self-control while still enjoying a rewarding but healthy meal. Wise meals would be turkey and lean meat slices instead of meatballs. Add ons of tomatoes and cucumber slices are so much better than loading up on mayonnaise or sour cream.

Instead of piling up on chips, packing snacks of fruits and vegetables such as apples, carrot slices and lettuce salad will help cut down on the calories.

For exercise, it doesn’t always have to be high intensity training right away. Truckers can start with 10 minutes each of power walks, push ups, pull ups and lunges which they can do when they park.

Recently, dailymail.com published an article on a truck driver’s journey from losing his license for being considered physically unfit for the job to being a triathlete.

Trucker Exercises After Losing License

The determined trucker, who had just started a new job as a driver for Tesco, started cycling to and from the depot every day – a round trip of 18 miles. He had to borrow his then 20-year-old son’s bike as he didn’t have one of his own.

Read more of his story here.

Here’s a video on practical exercises for Truckers:

Truck companies have become more aware of the obesity problem that had risen among their employees and have started to take action on it to help their men. More and more truckers are now taking on exercises and workouts and are enjoying fit lives.

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