What makes group personal training so in-demand? Here’s a list of advantages of choosing group personal training.

Benefits Of Group Personal Training

1.Group Personal Training Is A Better Investment

Let’s just come out with it, money does matter. You’d want to maximize the use of your money. If you will invest in personal training, you’d want to invest in the best.

Registration for Dangerously fit bootcamps cost $197 a month.

That investment includes being handled by personal trainers considered to be the best in the field, access to the company’s resident nutritionist, Rachel Jones, who also happens to beSydney’s finest in the field, and unlimited access to all schedules and locations. And we’ve got bootcamps in most major points in the city. It’s almost impossible to miss a session because of conflict in your schedule.

2.Group Personal Training Offers Stronger Motivation

If you’ve been working out at the gym before, you’d know that it’s not that easy to keep to the commitment of going for a workout at least four times a week.

When you’re with a group of individuals whom you know are sweating it out for the very same goals as you do, you’d find yourself sticking to your commitment much more.

Why? The level of accountability is higher.


Because you want to be there for them just as you know they’re there for you.

Sounds trivial? Not really. When people get in groups, there’s a sense of team spirit that automatically happens. Wanting your group to succeed together is a natural response. You don’t want to let anyone down just because you got lazy.

3. Group Personal Training is much more enjoyable than doing one-on-one training

Not to undermine the benefits that you get from one-on-one trainings, there’s just so much more room for laughter when you’re with a group. And laughter is good. It makes the workouts much more fun despite the intensity of the sessions.

Being with a bunch of other people helps keep your focus on your training instead of the time. It’s common practice for people who work out by themselves with only their trainer to check the time often.

Here’s an excerpt from an article on Michigan Live on a group personal training:

“It’s an affordable way to achieve the goal. A lot of our members still have a gym membership. This is like personal training but brought down a price notch. The industry is starting to call it smart group training. It’s just a smart way to get your job done and have fun while you’re doing it.”

There’s really nothing wrong with personal training, but if you want to put more effort into sticking to your fitness regime, you’d have to consider getting into group personal training instead. It’s more fun and challenging and it can help you get acquainted with and cultivate support from other fitness enthusiasts.

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