You wanted to stay in shape, get fit and/or in general lead a healthier lifestyle, or perhaps you may have purchased exercise equipment or maybe joined a gym. Hence, why is it that the gym membership has become an additional bill and the exercise equipment becomes a silent butler, with heaps of laundry draping on it? The fact is that exercise equipments are sometimes boring and gym memberships can be very expensive (specifically if you’re not making use of them). Why don’t you try and have fun with the many benefits of walking for your health and fitness?

One of the greatest things about walking is that it suits your everyday life. It is the perfect exercise to help us reach any fitness level. You no longer need special shoes, workout clothes, or machines/equipments to walk. You can choose to walk alone, walk with your friends, you can even walk to work or perhaps you can walk up the stairs. All this walking adds up, and you don’t have to go out of your way to do it.

It is undoubtedly the safest and natural form of exercise that you can do. To walk efficiently, if you like to shed extra pounds, you must alternate in between intervals of slow, then moderate and fast rates of speeds on your walking routine. Giving you an excellent cardiovascular workout and keeps your body burn a lot of calories even after you are done walking. If your walk is to include intense and strenuous paces, don’t forget warming up to avoid injury. You may wonder how much calories burnt while walking – a person burns between 80 to 100 calories for every mile walked, based on the terrain and pace.

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If you want to walk simply to relax, don’t consider your walk as exercise as such. Try to loosen up and let your body and mind relax. Have fun with the scenery and sounds that are all around you. Take time to enjoy nature, take advantage of the landscape, the sound of wildlife and the fresh air. After all, it is a smart idea to walk in a park setting to get the most out of your walk.

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