It may be a surprise for you, but incorporating a bit of hula hooping into your daily routine includes some amazing health advantages, as well as, adding a bit of fun to this dull workout. Odds are, you will be able to remember your childhood and recall to mind using those large plastic hoops to get a little fun while they rolled on your waist line. Hula hoops are making a comeback, although not being a toy, rather they’re becoming a bit of a workout icon for individuals searching to savor getting and keeping fit.

Apart from definitely being lots of fun, many individuals are starting to find that hula hooping can also be a great overall workout with a focus on the stomach or abdominal muscles. Nowadays, you will find a lot of women around the world, which have dropped some boring regular exercises we have all been fed up with and grabbed their hula hoops to have an exciting new method to exercise.

This exercise is ideal for individuals who hate the strains of cardio workout routines and other intense fitness programs. Photo Credit:

This exercise is ideal for individuals who hate the strains of cardio workout routines and other intense fitness programs.
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A hula hoop seems quite simple while appropriate exercises look certainly funny. However, the enjoyable part starts whenever you know what to do with these hoops. The fact is that, by using this tool, you are able to train all groups of muscles of the body.


When we talk about hula hooping, they mean old-school workout. You are making it twirl on your waist. Nevertheless, this simple and easy exercise isn’t that easy. Lots of people go awry of putting their feet alongside. You need to put your one foot at the front of the other foot. Press the hula hoop towards the back to be able to begin rotating motions. How? You utilize your feet to move own weight. There’s one more mistake. A lot of us use hips just to create rotating motions. Obviously, it can be done such as this, but by doing this isn’t the best. If you learn a conventional exercise, you’ll get to obtain advanced skills.


Simply stretch out your arm making circular motions. Suppose your arm is the waist. You goal is same as the one you do in your waist – ensure that it stays rotating. About a minute is going to be enough to be able to realize that you don’t need to pay a lot of money each month for any gym membership. Your bedroom is much better and much more convenient.


Perform the first exercise but change it on the hips. Just like what you did on the first exercise, your goal is still the same – to do rotating motions. This workout is harder than the first, but much more effective, particularly if you have concerns about the shape of your hips.


For you to have legs that have visible muscles, do hula hooping. You should lie down onto the floor and then stretch out your leg sideways and rotate the hoop on it. This looks easy, but the moment you begin, you’ll discover that it may last only about a minute, if you’re not knowledgeable.

Here’s the article from Huffington Post:

Tried And Tested: Hula Hoop Exercise Class – Burn Calories, Work Your Abs And Have A Lot Of Fun

[quote style=”boxed”]Hula hooping instantly evokes fun childhood memories. But who’d have thought such an effortless sport would end up becoming such a popular fitness workout?

All the cool kids (myself included) are always on the lookout for interesting, cheap, and less workout-y (yes, that is a word) ways to keep in shape.[/quote]

On the other hand, hula hoop workout is nothing like cardio classes in which you need to hire a trainer to show the routines. You don’t have to do anything whatsoever special on the hoop. You may also utilize it right out of your own home. It’s the handy fitness equipment, which you can utilize indoors and outdoors, based upon your choice. Several minutes with a hula hoop could give you a slimmer and sexier body. Just be sure that you simply have a healthy diet, and you are going to be fine. This exercise is ideal for individuals who hate the strains of cardio workout routines and other intense fitness programs.

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