Conquering Your Exercise Excuses

Our body is designed for movement and not to be stationary for long periods of time. Exercise is something that most people know that they have to get going all the time. Though it may be better for you, helps in avoiding health problems, and can also help you lose some weight; most of us find it hard in getting into the routine of working out. It takes discipline to make it happen. And for most of us, there are lots of excuses for not doing it.

We can easily come up with excuses not to be active and as to why we should not stick to our fitness program. The excuses we put forth to avoid working out is a bit surprising – like lack of time, lack of money, too tired to exercise and a lot more. These excuses come up more often when our motivation levels start to wane and that we overlook our health and fitness goals.

Start the year off on the right foot and start planning and scheduling an appointment with yourself to exercise. It is never too late! Everyone agrees that proper workout is an essential element of any long-term self-care program. Therefore, creating a routine that suits your life is vital, and you will find resistance and strength training workout can do that, to help you live a higher quality of life.

As the saying goes…

“If it is important to you, you will find a way. If not, you’ll find an excuse.”

Watch this video and get motivated to exercise…

There Is Always Time to Exercise

There are several ways to turn “excuses” into “reasons” by trying hard enough. Always keep in mind that there’s always time for you to exercise – to say there is not, is simply just an excuse!

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