Exercising is now a favorite pastime for several reasons. Gyms are sprouting everywhere, and a group of men and women are heading into them day in and day out. People would like to look good, feel good, do well at a sport, engage in a body-building competition and some just take pleasure in the sense of challenging themselves. No matter what your reasons for exercising, it is time to take your exercise outdoors. There are numerous reasons why steeping out of the gym is advantageous. Think about the following tips to spruce up your fitness in the gym to the outdoors.

Exercising outdoors offers a lot of benefits but as you exercise outside, always keep in mind to be safe.

Exercising outdoors offers a lot of benefits but as you exercise outside, always keep in mind to be safe.

If you’re considering busting the gym habit and being outdoors, there are four necessities for total health and fitness – cardio, muscular, flexibility and core stability.

No matter if you design your own program or maybe get the help of a personal trainer, getting all four necessities will help you encourage fitness, which can last for a long time.

Cardio fitness is something that makes you breathe much deeper and much quicker which maximizes the level of oxygen in the blood. The greater your cardio fitness, the more excellent your lungs and heart are. Therefore, if the treadmill just does not work any longer, turn to some outdoor activities such as jogging, walking, swimming, riding a bike, hill or stair climbing, water aerobics, and roller blading.

Muscular fitness is resistance/strength-type exercises. Strength training is any kind of movement that puts tension on the muscle, which encourages the laying down of even more myofibrils or muscle fibers; thus, increasing the muscle fiber size. Moreover, strength training burns up kilojoules better and boosts the strength and stability of the joints. Outdoor exercises include dips and push-ups on the park benches, pull-ups or chin-ups on the bars at the park, and lunges and deep squats on the beach.

Flexibility training can be a fixed maximum range of motion around the joint. Stretching boosts your flexibility, encourages better posture, and could assist in preventing injuries. Make time for each workout to perform some stretching to keep flexibility. Some examples of outdoor exercises are tai chi and yoga in the beach or park, and static muscle stretching used throughout your exercise routine. Make use of park benches or stairs for help. Hold those stretches for about twenty seconds. Deeply breathe and take in some fresh air.

Core stability is getting strength from the abdominal area or your core muscles that strengthen the pelvis to avoid injuries from the lower back. Crunches and sit-ups aren’t a highly effective way to train the abdominal area since they don’t burn body fat or strengthen the lower back.  Outdoor exercises are strength training exercises and also contracting your core muscles, as well. Likewise, try some simple plank exercises on your elbows or hands.

Watch the video for some tips about exercising outdoors.

Friday Fitness: Outdoor Exercising

Go for a new or other outdoor location to vary your routine. Outdoor activities permit you to increase the difficulty level easily and modify exercises if you would like to. You can also create a circuit-style routine. Moreover, as you exercise outdoors, you can incorporate some dumbbells, an exercise ball, medicine ball or a skipping rope while you perform it at the park or at the beach.

Exercising outdoors is fun and enjoyable, much more if you sign-up at Dangerously Fit bootcamps. If you have any inquiries, feel free to contact us.