Bootcamps also include low impact workouts

When we think of  bootcamps, what easily comes to mind are the high impact workouts in military-styled fitness training. We always expect fast or difficult routines done outdoors.

The truth, though, is that not all exercises done in bootcamps are high impact.

Yoga is an efficient, low impact alternative to bootcamp

Yoga is an efficient, low impact alternative to bootcamp

While many of the workouts are really designed to push a person beyond his perceived physical capacity, there are also some low impact exercises that are performed. And if the bootcamp is handled by legitimately certified personal trainers, those that fall in the lower fitness categories are given lower impact workouts compared to the more advanced members.

Low Impact Versions Of Bootcamp Workouts

Almost every high impact workout has low impact versions. Even Jump N Jacks which do not necessarily fall under the high impact category, has its own lower version which is to take out the jump and alternately lift arms (at shoulder height only) and extend legs from side to side. The lower version of the spotty dog is done in the same manner except that the arm is extended forward along with the opposite leg extended to the back.

Even workout DVDs have someone in the demo group doing the lower impact versions of the exercises being demonstrated.

Regular Bootcamp Is Not For Everybody

Most bootcamp groups hold up the sign, “not for the faint of heart”. If you’re not a fan of high intensity action and moves, then, perhaps you shouldn’t sign up for a regular fitness bootcamp.

But it’s not only out of preference of lower impact moves. Pregnant women, people with joint or tissue injuries, the seniors and ailing people are usually advised against taking on high impact workouts.

It seems that some fitness companies have paid attention to the market’s needs as there are now a few bootcamps based on low impact workouts.

Here’s a very short article about a low impact bootcamp:

Low Intensity Bootcamp Program In Canada

Fresh Air Fitness actually refers more to the benefits of working out outdoors, but it seems that some fitness groups use it as a term of low impact sessions.

Group workouts are not limited to bootcamps, although that is one of the best avenues for weight loss. Other group fitness programs include Tai Chi, Pilates, Yoga, Water Aerobics and Low Impact Aerobics.

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